Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Goes On The Record About Cristina & Owen Breaking Up

In a recent interview, Kevin McKidd (who plays Dr. Hunt) on Grey’s Anatomy went on the record about rumors that he will break up with Yang before the season ends.

“Well, people are worried about Owen and Cristina breaking up, right? The thing that people have to remember is that even if they do, it might create situations where Cristina and Owen act together even more. People have been going, “Why haven’t we seen more of you guys together?” But in a way, [a breakup] should make people less anxious. The feeling I get is that people in the writing room are really invested in [the Owen and Cristina] relationship, whether they are in a relationship or not. In a broken-up relationship there can be more interesting stories to tell. ”

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Credit: E! Online