Top 20 Heroclix Figures in Marvel's Hammer of Thor Set

Hammer of Thor is the last Heroclix set released before The Brave and the Bold. This set of power pieces all have huge values and awesome powers. Here are the top 20 pieces in the set. Chase figures aren’t being counted here.

20) Rocket Raccoon – Sure, it seems simple. 65 points for prob then outwit, super senses to keep him safe, and leap climb to get where he’s going. Just a great mobile support character.

19) Thor and Loki – 362 points is absurd until you realize they can do 9 damage in the first turn from 10 range, more with an object. That and mystics, usually added to Thunderbolting as a feat to Arachnos means 2 damage everytime an opponent huts you. Permanent Invulnerability that can’t be outwitted is great, as is Indomitable. They have a ton of powers bloating their cost, but with their values and duo, unless outwitted, you’re best off just using duo from afar with the only real exceptions being super strength and perplex up top, outwit at the bottom.

18) Asgardian Warrior – For 37 points its 4 clicks of life with 10, 9, 10, and 11 attacks, Blades/Claws/Fangs when the damage is two and bookended 3 damage. 17 defense toughess is a great added bonus. Best of all, when near an Asgardian, he gets a bonus to attack, making that elite, and charge.

17) Gharskgyt – 61 points for double perplex on any Asgardians is amazing, even if only on attack. Add in 4 useful clicks of 10, 11, 10 and 9 attack, with 4 damage every turn thanks to close combat expert 2 clicks of charge up top and 4 of toughness and you have the very best LE of the set.

16) Star-Lord – 90 points, sure, for a short dial is a lot, but with running shot, sharpshooter and his special power, he’s worth every penny. When he attacks one enemy, he gets a plus 2 to attack, when he attacks 2, it’s plus 2 to damage. A second click of 10 attack and 18 defense in close thanks to combat reflexes makes it smart to push into basing two characters since thanks to sharpshooter, he can range in close. Add him to a defender with 18 defense for extra fun, as his 20 defense in close with a ton of damage will frustrate opponents. When the power is gone, he’s got ranged combat expert to deal 4 damage with stealth to protect him.

15) Common Valkyrie – Single handedly fills out Asgardian teams perfectly. She can carry Asgard characters and heal them as long as an Asgardian Diety is within 8 squares. That Support power with her 10 and 9 attacks make her an amazing healer of major power pieces. 17 defense toughness keeping her around and 3 damage are almost unfair on top of the rest of the package for 38 points, even with only 4 clicks.

14) Balder – 130 points for a close combat brick is awesome. He can charge in for 3, then close combat expert for 5, pushing without losing a bit of stats as his first 2 clicks of 11 attack with 18 defense impervious are identical. He gets BCF for 2 clicks next, then 2 of Exploit Weakness, and finally 3 of Pulse Wave. That’s as many clicks as Thor for 100 pts less with better high end defense. He can be destroyed by range, but any kind of taxi makes him dominant.

13) Karnilla – 64 points for 10 attack psychic blast for 3 damage, a ton of phasing, even some enhancement incapacitate, and closing probability control. She even has 8 clicks and 8 range.

12) Moonstone – For 9 more points than Karnilla, you get 10 move 8 range running shot to go with psychic blast, 3 damage and shape change. A push gains Energy Shield for a 19 defense at range, 20 in hindering, and, as a flier, she can carry and ignore hindering for movement. Late dial she even gets outwit, though we’re down to six clicks with her, she should be harder to hit with that 20 defense at range, to even try to hit you must first deal with shape change and her running shotting away.

11) M-11 – The most consistent values in the entire game for only 60 points. 18 defense is nothing to scoff at, making up for willpower and superstrength makes 5 damage possible for the first 3 clicks, then the next four have psychic blast with 3 damage. All 10 attacks, except one last click of 9 and a ton of willpower, heading into Regen gives him amazing longevity. The entire dial of 3 attack is just absurd. Potentially great, he’s usually such a target he’s taken out quickly. Even at 300 pts, 60 pts is nearly negligible for that to be fine, but not quite enough to make him as good as he was expected to be.

10) Sif – 93 points is great and she constantly forces a Sophie’s Choice on opponents. She can carry while using phasing without modifying her move, while carrying a heavy object to exploit weakness… so do you attack her or whoever she carried? She can smack you for 5 penetrating if ignored. 17 defense with toughness keeps her out of the set’s elite, just barely.

9) Pluto – Somehow, everyone missed him. For 125 points, you get 20 defense at range, in hindering (Energy Shield) and 4 damage with a 12 attack from 8 range. To improve matters, he also has enhancement to make cheaper buddies a threat. After a few clicks of this, he’s suddenly impervious and invulnerable for 2 clicks each. At this point ideally he’s based to steal energy and exploit weakness for 3 damage and phase away to safety. At that point he can psychic blast for 3 for 4 clicks, ensuring damage that will stick with attack that never falls below a 9, and has a power that allows him to heal when any 30 pt or more ally is killed. Any running shot flier with him is nearly unbeatable, especially when paired with probability control and/or outwit.

8) Venom – Blades or Steal Energy all dial. Leap Climb all dial. Plasticity and Shape Change top half, then lots of flurry with combat reflexes to keep him safe late dial. This guy is great and might be #1 if we’re counting the sheer quantity of feats that are great on him. 73 points is a lot for pure tie up, but pure tie up isn’t often this good (with really only Mr. Miracle and Oberon clearly better and that at 40 points more).

7) Loki – The super-rare Loki is an expensive 208 points without Indomitable or Power Cosmic, but he’s at least a mystic for people paying to hit him. Hitting him will be tough, though. 18 defense and mastermind within 4 squares are bad enough without probability causing many re-rolls. Even better, he has to be based to be hit, since he has stealth. 5 clicks of invulnerability following the mastermind keeps him safe thereafter while he gets both outwit and perplex. He goes back to prob with psychic blast (just like top dial) at the end, as his damage climbs to a 4. If his mid-dial support offered a bit more offense, he’d be elite instead of just great.

6) Kurse – 120 points shouldn’t buy 18 invulnerability, 6 damage (heavy object) exploit weakness, and leap climb that allows a 2 move into adjacency. On top of that, he’s pushable, only losing 1 attack and 1 defense on click 2. When he loses these abilities, he still remains invulnerable with close combat expert for 5 damage per turn, then can either flurry for 2 to finish opponents off or regenerate. Mobility, power, defense and will need to be taken out more than once. He’s a beast. Play him with Lunge if you’re using feats.

5) Valkyrie – Move and Attack make this figure. Moving 12, she still has 9 attack and 4 damage. Supersenses is weak up front even with 18 defense for 2 clicks, but they give way to 17 invulnerability for 2, then 16 impervious for 2. Enhancement for 3 clicks mid-dial, along with carrying makes her a true team player. She’s one of the best top dial, but her late Blades/Claws/Fangs with low attack keep her a tier below the true elite… just barely.

4) Nico Minoru – 84 points to use any power in the game, so long as it isn’t on back to back turns. TKing in allies, healing with support, perplexing up values, outwitting hypersonic speed or defense, psychic blasting, probability controlling, or even keeping herself safe with impervious, Nico is the perfect jack of all trades.

3) Thor – 226 points is a ton, but built in superstrength and willpower (thanks to indomitable) make up for a lot. With 10 range, his running shot can hit from 15 squares away and with 2 targets and 12 attack, he’ll find someone to hit for that 5 damage. Daring to base him means being hit with an object thanks to no outwitable Super Strength (since it’s a trait). 9 clicks is 1 short of where I’d like, but that 7 have invulnerability make this Thor one of the best all around beatsticks in the game.

2) Ultron – 174 points for this Indomitable Robot Monster. He has 12 range for 4 damage with 18 impervious defense and 12 attack. If you try and base him, he can charge or pulse wave before you get there. When he looks endangered, he can outwit and mastermind off damage, as well as mind control armor or robot enemies for free, then later regerate right back up. For this extremely affordable cost, even in 300 pts, he is the best brick in the set, maybe in the game.

1) Captain America – 72 points to ignore all terrain is absurd. With running shot, 8 range, 3 damage and 21 defense in hindering (energy shield), Cap is in the true elite of the game in any set. When he’s hit, he becomes a close combat piece, with 4 damage thanks to close combat expert and Willpower to use it again and again.