Free Comic Book Day Releases 2010 for Saturday, May 1 including Kevin Smith, Thor/Iron Man, ATOMIC ROBO, War of the Superman and More

May 1 is Free Comic Book Day! You can get free comics at almost any Comic Shop this Saturday! Here’s a Store Locator for participating stores at the FCBD homepage. Let’s go through all the comics that are free!

Archie’s Summer Splash #1 – Looking to get kids into comics? There are certainly worse places to start than the wholesome Archie!

Doctor Solar/Magnus – Jim Shooter brings back two legendary characters in this Dark Horse comic. See Legends re-imagined for a new millennium for free!

Fractured Fables 2010 Edition – A taste of the larger anthology, come see these warped fables free before you buy the trade.

GI Joe 155 1/2 – This is the big one for me. Larry Hamma picks up his GI Joe Comics where he left off in Marvel 20 years ago. This is a catch-up issue so there’s no reason to miss one of the coolest war comics ever as it returns.

Iron Man/Thor – Matt Fraction, the ongoing writer for both series, brings a team-up of two of the Avengers big three who rarely see eye to eye.

Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock – Mouse Soldiers meet Fraggle freakin’ Rock. I’d pay good money for this.

KiZOIC Presents: Shrek & The Penguins of Madagascar- Hey, they have to promote the new movie somehow.

YOW! The John Stanley Library – More free goodness to get little ones into comics, clever enough for the big ones too.

TOY STORY – See what was said about Shrek.

WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0 – James Robinson introduces the series where a city of Supermen attack earth. That’s just cool comics.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG – New Sonic and these are always mental.

WORLDS OF ASPEN – A Sampler for four different Aspen titles.

FEARLESS DAWN/ASYLUM PRESS SAMPLER – And the same for Asylum Press.

S.E. HINTON/FAME – The Author of the Outsiders tackles Lady Gaga’s biography. Seriously.

BONGO COMICS FREE-FOR-ALL! – Sampler of the best humor comics from the makers of the Simpsons and Futurama.

Irredeemable #1 – A free reprint of #1 of Mark Waid’s hit series.

DC Kids Mega-Sampler – And if you want your kids to love superheroes, start them here!

Del Rey Showcase – Another Sampler, this time from Del Rey.

Green Hornet #1 – #1 in Kevin Smith’s new Green Hornet in preparation for the movie.

Weathercraft And Other Unusual Tales – Because you can never have too much weirdness.

The Overstreet Guide – A guide to collecting and taking care of comics.

LIBRARY OF AMERICAN COMICS #0 – Classic comic strip excerpts!

ARTIFACTS: FIRST LOOK – The Secrets of the Top Cow Universe start to come together here, featuring Witchblade, the Darkness and More.

LOVE AND CAPES #13 – Romance, Superheroics and a lead in to the second trade!

IRON MAN: SUPERNOVA – Paul Tobin has Iron Man and Nova fight the Superapes. Must read is selling this short if you like awesome things.


Oni Press Free For All – And Oni’s sampler.

The Sixth Gun – A new Western comic to try out.

Radical: Bigger Books – Time for Radical Comics sampler.

ATOMIC ROBO AND FRIENDS – NEW ATOMIC ROBO!! Sample the world’s greatest indy book!

Freedom Formula: Speed Metal Overtures #0 – Racing and Mechs: this will soon be a Bryan Singer movie.

The Stuff of Legend: Mortal Instruments Preview – Adult fantasy- this seems intriguingly Alice meets Toy Story.

Owly and Friends – And we close with three all ages tales for the kids in all of us.

Finally, not a comic, for the heroclixers out there, there is a Free Comic Book Day War Machine who is an absolutely fantastic piece.

Free Comics! Don’t forget!