TNA’s Hulk Hogan on Howard Stern Report

From The Wrestling Observer:

– Bubba “shot” on Hogan during that segment where Hulk was considering coming back to wrestle Ric Flair.

Right, because there’s someone, somewhere, involved with the business or not, who wasn’t thinking what Bubba said.

– Hogan had big plans for Awesome Kong. But one month after Hogan arrived in TNA, she punched Bubba and was gone.

And just getting rid of Bubba wasn’t an option why? Kong made money; Bubba is a sponge.

– Hogan saw Steve Austin in a Gold’s Gym “a while back” and they spoke for 10-15 minutes. Hulk said he would wrestle Austin if he came to TNA.

Except that Austin is under WWE contract.

– Brutus Beefcake got divorced very quickly. Hogan said he always wondered if he himself should have gotten divorced before he and Linda had kids.

Wow, so he wishes his kids were never born. Classy.

– Stern brought in Jennifer and said she looked like Brooke. She also sounded a hell of a lot like Brooke, too.

Brooke, who he wishes was never born, but will sleep with a look-alike of.

– Hogan said that all his movies made money. They were all made for $2-$3M and made $30-$40M each. But he made the decision to stick with wrestling when it was hot to make more money. And he didn’t want McMahon to put someone in “his spot.”

As if anyone, anywhere who followed wrestling history at all believes this.

– Hogan said the TNA Knockouts are consistently the highest rated segments of the show. But bringing in more women would depend on budget. He mentioned Torrie Wilson by name as an “original Diva” he could see coming back. Great, another woman in a non-wrestling backstage role for cameos.

So they draw ratings, which equal money, but they are what pushes TNA over budget? How does that work?

– Hogan said he wrestled Strong Kobayashi, a gay wrestler, in Japan, and Kobayashi grabbed his nutsack during a match.

Somehow I doubt anyone was making unwanted sexual advances in ring on a star of Hogan’s stature.

– Hogan said he spoke with Chris Kanyon a few times before the Australian tour and he was a nice guy.

Translation: We talked once and I told him I’d give him a push before i forgot his name.

– Hogan said that Randy Savage is getting married soon.

Goodluck to Randy.

– A Stern staffer came in and asked about a rumor that years ago, Lanny Poffo was so limber that he could contort himself and suck his own penis, and that people in the locker rooms would pay to see him do it. Hogan confirmed the rumor but said he was never present when it happened.

And we close with great respect for the recently departed.