Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Rankings: May 2, 2010 (Jack Swagger, John Cena, Hart Dynasty)

Here is the latest update of Inside Pulse Wrestling’s OFFICIAL rankings of the WWE RAW and SmackDown rosters … posted on the first Sunday of each month. Check out this link for the last rankings (as of April 3), and click here to see any changes in the RAW or SmackDown rosters since the last rankings report.

(Previous ranking for each superstar is in parentheses following each name. See below* for an explanation of our ranking system.)


WWE Champion – John Cena (since 3.28.10)
United States Champion – The Miz (since 10.5.09)
1. Batista (SD 4)
2. Sheamus (3)
3. Randy Orton (2)
4. Edge (SD 2)
5. Triple H (1)
6. Chris Jericho (SD 1)
7. Ted Dibiase (8)
8. Mark Henry (9)
9. John Morrison (NR)
10. Evan Bourne (6)

WWE Diva’s Champion – Eve Torres (since 4.19.10)
1. Maryse (Diva’s Champ)
2. Gail Kim (1)
3. Natalya (SD 3)
4. Alicia Fox (4)
5. Jillian Hall (5)

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions – The Hart Dynasty
1. Straight Edge Society
2. John Morrison & R-Truth
3. The Dudebusters
4. MVP & Rey Mysterio
5. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Raw’s Unranked Wrestlers/Personalities:
-Brie Bella
-Ezekiel Jackson
-Jerry Lawler
-Justin Roberts
-Mark Henry
-Michael Cole
-Mr. McMahon
-Nikki Bella
-Ranjin Singh
-Santino Marella
-The Great Khali
-Vladimir Kozlov
-William Regal
-Yoshi Tatsu
-Zach Ryder

Raw’s Inactive Wrestlers/Personalities:
-Melina (Injured since January 2010)

No longer listed on WWE.com as part of the Raw Roster or appearing on TV:
-Big Show (Drafted to SD)
-Chavo Guerrero (Drafted to SD)
-Chris Masters (Drafted to SD)
-Christian (Drafted to SD)
-Cody Rhodes (Drafted to SD)
-Hornswoggle (Drafted to SD)
-Katie Lea (Released, Non-Kafabe)
-Kelly Kelly (Drafted to SD)
-Kofi Kingston (Drafted to SD)
-MVP (Drafted to SD)
-Rosa Mendes (Drafted to SD)


World Heavyweight Champion – Jack Swagger (since 4.2.10)
Intercontinental Champion – Drew McIntyre (since 12.17.10)
1. Big Show (NR)
2. The Undertaker (3)
3. CM Punk (6)
4. Christian (RAW 4)
5. Rey Mysterio (5)
6. Kane (8)
7. Kofi Kingston (RAW 5)
8. Cody Rhodes (NR)
9. Dolph Ziggler (7)
10. MVP (RAW 7)

WWE Woman’s Champion – Beth Phoenix (since 4.25.10)
1. Michelle McCool (Woman’s Champ)
2. Layla (4)
3. Kelly Kelly (RAW 2)
4. Tiffany (5)
5. Rosa Mendes (NR)

SmackDown’s Unranked Wrestlers/Personalities:
-Chavo Guerrero
-Chris Masters
-Jim Ross
-Matt Hardy
-Matt Striker
-Shad Gaspard
-Theodore Long
-Todd Grisham
-Tony Chimel
-Tyler Reks
-Vance Archer
-Vickie Guerrero

SmackDown’s Inactive Wrestlers/Personalities:
-Jim Ross (Injured since October 2009)

No longer listed on WWE.com as part of the SmackDown Roster or appearing on TV:
-Batista (Moved to Raw)
-Chris Jericho (Drafted to Raw)
-Curt Hawkins (Removed from WWE.com)
-David Hart Smith (Drafted to Raw)
-Edge (Drafted to Raw)
-Ezekiel Jackson (Drafted to Raw)
-Goldust (Drafted to Raw)
-Jimmy Wang Yang (Released, Non-Kayfabe)
-John Morrison (Drafted to Raw)
-Kung Fu Naki (Released, Non-Kayfabe)
-Mickie James (Released, Non-Kayfabe)
-Mike Knox (Released, Non-Kayfabe)
-Natalya (Drafted to Raw)
-R-Truth (Drafted to Raw)
-Ranjin Singh (Drafted to Raw)
-Shelton Benjamin (Released, Non-Kayfabe)
-Slam Master J (Released, Non-Kayfabe)
-The Great Khali (Drafted to Raw)
-Tyson Kidd (Drafted to Raw)


1. Heath Slater (5)
2. Wade Barrett (2)
3. David Otunga (1)
4. Darren Young (6)
5. Daniel Bryan (4)
6. Justin Gabriel (3)
7. Skip Sheffield (8)
8. Michael Tarver (7)

NXT’s Unranked Wrestlers/Personalities:
-Josh Matthews
-Matt Striker
-Michael Cole

*In this monthly feature, the Pulse Wrestling editorial board ranks the heavyweight, women, and tag team divisions on World Wrestling Entertainment’s RAW & SmackDown brands. Rankings include the top ten heavyweights on each brand, top 5 tag teams on each brand, top 5 Women’s/Diva’s in each brand, and include everyone listed on WWE.com’s RAW & SmackDown Superstars pages, plus regular, unlisted competitors from each brand.

These rankings take into account (in order):
– Current title status**
– Declared and presumed storyline rankings
– Recent victories and quality of opponents
– Quality of matches (psychology, workrate, and entertainment value)
– Quality of TV exposure (length, placement during show, and crowd response)

WWE: NXT rankings will also take the above into consideration, as there is no Champion on the show.

Due to the Unification of the WWE & World Tag Team Titles, the Champions can defend the titles against any team across all 3 brands. The Titles belong to RAW, according to WWE.com, however Smackdown teams can appear in their rankings, and will be in blue type. Also, a member of the Unified Tag Team Champions can challenge any Champion on any brand, a precedent established with Big Show in November 2009.

**Both primary and secondary heavyweight champions are listed at the top of each brand’s rankings, with the assumption that Intercontinental or United States Champions are de facto top contenders unless otherwise stated on television or online by WWE.

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