10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 4.26.10

Okay, so call me crazy, but somehow TNA seems to be doing a better show at the moment. Maybe it’s because they seem to be focusing less on the members of the roster who really aren’t the true stars anymore. The wrestling also seems to be more of a focus too, which is never a bad thing on a wrestling show. Here’s hoping they keep it up and things improve for them.

10. The crowd this week seemed to be much more into the show, and a lot more vocal than some crowds they get into the Impact zone.

9. Not sure about RVD referring to Hogan as “Hulky”. But hey, if that’s the way you want to address him, go for it.

8. The one thing that concerned me this week was the references to drugs. RVD referring to “my connection with mother earth’s finest”, and Styles also bringing it up doesn’t seem to be all that great. Not sure if they should be celebrating the fact that their champion is a fan of “mother earth’s finest”. (Though, if there is a fan out there who doesn’t know how RVD rolls, I’d be kind of shocked).

7. As a female viewer, I’ve had to accept that the entrance that The Beautiful People do is something that the men go wild for. But I can’t be the only one thinking it’s just getting more pornographic each week.

6. It was great to see Samoa Joe back and getting started on yet another run where he just destroys people. Hopefully he’s back for the long term now.

5. Interesting choice in how they did the backstage promos this episode. Very different style to what wrestling fans these days are used to, but something about it worked for them.

4. This thing they’re doing with Matt Morgan referring to himself as two people is actually pretty funny. Now how long do we have until the team of Matt Morgan & Matt Morgan are forced to actually face a tag team on their own. Because he’s running out of suckers to tag with him.

3. The match between Jarrett & Hardy vs. Sting & Styles really felt like it should have been two separate singles matches. It was a bit scattered, brawling on the outside, into an actual tag match, into brawling to the finish. Something didn’t quite work there.

2. So, someone is lying in a pool of blood. Do we call an ambulance? Nope, we leave him there so that his partners in crime can go check on him later. Who needs modern medicine.

1. The irony of two people in an Impact episode fighting over WWE Hall of Fame rings wasn’t lost on me. Interesting concept.

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