Release dates for Undertaker, Ricky Steamboat, and Elimination Chamber DVDs, Plans for Upcoming Sets

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The Undertaker’s deadliest matches is set to be released June 8, 2010 (check out a trailer here).  It’s a three disc set and contains mostly (if not exclusively) gimmick matches.  A expect a full match listing soon.

Ricky Steamboat: Life of the Dragon hits June 29, 2010.  It’s a three disc set.  Still no match listings yet.

Elimination Chamber Anthology will be released July 13th.  It’s a three disc set that will contain all previous Elimination Chamber matches.  It carries a TV-PG rating, and thus there is concern that blood will be censored using a black-and-white filter.  We’ll try to get word to you guys as soon as the set is released whether that’s the case or not.

As for the rest of the year, the WWE is planning to release a three-disc set that will contain every episode of Raw from 1993, a three disc set on the history of Women’s wrestling, and a three disc Randy Orton set.

Nope, still no word on a Chris Jericho set.  By this point I’m sure the WWE is delaying it just to mess with you all.

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