Banderas and Almodovar Together Again

Antonio Banderas will star in Pedro Almodovar’s next film La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In).

This will be the first time this actor/director pair has worked together in 20 years. Banderas starred in 1990’s Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.

“The film will be a terror film, without screams or scares,” Almodovar told the Spanish daily El Pais. “It’s difficult to define and although it comes close to the terror genre — something that appeals to me that I’ve never done — I won’t respect any of its rules. It’s the harshest film I’ve ever written and Banderas’ character is brutal.”

Almodovar was keeping the project under wraps, but the mouthy Banderas spilled the beans in an interview published in the Russian daily “Kommersant,” while attending the first St. Petersburg Film Festival.

“Antonio is impatient,” Almodovar added. “And I understand it. He had to push back his return to Broadway to do the film and he also had to reject other important projects. And despite the law of silence we had imposed on him, he couldn’t keep quiet any longer.”

While not other casting has been announced, Almodovar did confirmed that his regular muse, Penelope Cruz, will not be appearing in the film.

Skin will tell the story of a plastic surgeon who sets out to get revenge against the man who raped his daughter.

The script is based on the novel “Tarantula” by Thierry Jonquet and Almodovar stated that he rewrote the script nine times.

As well as Tie Me Up, Banderas also worked with Almobovar in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, The Law of Desire, Matador.

The Pulse: While I’ve only seen a handful of Almodovar’s films so far, each one has thoroughly impressed me. And the idea of him tackling a horror-type thriller has me very excited. Not to mention the reunion of these two is sure to be fantastic.

Source: Hollywood Reporter.