WWE Wrestlemania Buys Down, UFC Blamed; Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber Buys Up

The Royal Rumble was up to 462,000 buys from 450,000 last year. The Elimination Chamber is at 285,000 buys, up from 272,000 for No Way Out last year. With the price per PPV raised, this is very good financial news, but a lot of that is being available worldwide in new markets, particularly for the Royal Rumble.

Wrestlemania did a hugely disappointing 885,000 buys, down from 960,000 the year before and 1,058,000 two years ago. This is being blamed on the UFC having a PPV the night before, as fans were less likely to spend big for two big PPVs on back to back nights.

Vince McMahon is also claiming that fans are more likely to get together in a group for a wrestling PPV, at a party, than boxing, while staunchly refusing to mention UFC. Take from it what you will.

Credit: PWInsider.com and F4WOnline.com

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