More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: I Believe in Jay Electronica

I’ll admit to being completely fascinated by Jay Electronica.

First things first: Jay Electronica is Erykah Badu’s latest baby’s father, and that alone is worthy of my fascination. I mean, here’s a guy who not only has a relationship with the notably eccentric Erykah Badu, but he’s also got to deal with Andre 3000, The D.O.C. and their offspring. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

I like how he uses interviews with those closest to him as intros to his music; it’s odd and enlightening. It’s a revealing glimpse behind the scenes that most emcees wouldn’t do because it’d make them to vulnerable.

But I’m also completely captivated by an emcee who doesn’t seem to be pursuing a record deal. He’s only released singles as of this point, and even his mixtapes are esoteric. The musical landscapes that he creates are full of seemingly non-sequitur dialogue snippets from a variety of sources.

As sort of an old-fashioned hip-hop fan, I’ve never really latched onto the notion of the internet buzz for an emcee. I’ve yet to drink the Kool-Aid on Charles Hamilton, and Kid Cudi’s hype has worn off. But for some reason I believe in Jay Electronica, and I really believe that he has the potential to be hip-hop’s future.

Seriously, Jay is nice on the mic, so when I listen to him I get hyped for the future. When I listen to any of his material, it makes me want to hear more. His lyrics impress, which is a rare experience to feel in 2010. It’s so refreshing to actually have lyrics that demand you pay attention.

I listen to him and at times he reminds me of other emcees. At times he’s got the MF DOOM stream-of-consciousness flow going on, but he’s also got that Nas “matter of fact” rapid-fire flow. He’s got intricate rhyme schemes that make me believe that he could go toe to toe with anyone. And he’s got those Wu-Tang Five Percenter street-knowledge-infused rhymes. I also like that he’s got the reverence for hip-hop’s past and culture just like Joe Budden.

Yes, I believe in Jay Electronica and I believe that he’s the future. Don’t let me down, Jay.

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