Rock Band Weekly: Judas Priest – British Steel

Here are the tracks that will be available next week in the Rock Band music store:

Judas Priest – British Steel Live
-“Breaking the Law” (Lego)
-“Rapid Fire” (Lego)
-“Metal Gods”
-“Grinder” (Lego)
-“United” (Lego)
-“Living After Midnight”
-“You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise”
-“The Rage” (Lego)
-“Steeler” (Lego)

All songs were recorded live from Judas Priest’s 30th Anniversary of the British Steel album last summer.

All tracks will be on PS3, Wii & XB360 on Tuesday May 11. Songs marked ‘(Lego)’ will also be available in the Lego Rock Band store.

All tracks are $2 a piece (160 XBL points, 200 Nintendo points, & $1.99 on the PSN store). The British Steel Live Track will be $15 (1200 XBL points, 1500 Nintendo poings, & $14.99 on the PSN store).