10 thoughts on Smackdown for 5.07.2010: Big Show, Kelly Kelly & More

1.Ergh Cena even manages to get on the Smackdown opening – albeit he is getting knocked out which is a great thing but still I don’t want to see him any more then I have to.

2. No! Don’t fire my beautiful Drew! – What is the point of watching wrestling now my precious eye candy has gone! 🙁

3. Eeeesh, whoever thought that wonder ref Charles Robinson could be so darn aggressive – chill out mate, his still my favourite member of staff though (well after Josh Matthews.)

4. Luke Gallows should team up with Cody Rhodes and they could be called the generic theme tag team – come on WWE give them both a decent entrance song.

5. Come on Punk be sensible, Rey wouldn’t dare put any hallucinogenic drugs in his one of a kind Gucci mask.

6. Finally both Punk and Rey have a stipulation at their match at over the limit – something will definitely go down time! I wonder who will win? I’m excited 😀

7. AWWW Kelly Kelly and Tiffany as a tag team! they are too cute and happy together. I just want to hang with them so we can paint each other’s toenails, watch Disney films and eat sweets (although looking at their bodies I would be the only one munching on a pack of Haribo.)

8. Todd Grisham said that the match between Christian and Cody Rhodes was a battle between two young superstars. Christian isn’t young his 36! – However, I hope he does win the Intercontinental belt next week, he really deserves it, hell he deserves the WHC but I don’t think that will be happening any time in the near future.

9. If there is one thing that I’ve learnt from wrestling (other than don’t try and preach straightedge on people as they will go complain to a teacher and you will get in mega trouble) it’s that you should never ever have your back turned against Big Show.

10. BEARD WATCH: Matt Hardy’s line of hair between his first and second chin is a piss poor attempt at a beard – look to our straight edge saviour for some advice please.

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