One Year in Knoxville – May 2, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell and Carl Styles. Mantell told us that today we’d be seeing the Fantastics battle the Maulers to determine who would go on to face the Heavenly Bodies in the finals of the tag team tournament.

We started by going back to see the Maulers battle Johnny and Davey Rich. The Maulers were manhandling Davey Rich when we joined the match. Jack Victory called Rip Morgan in and they double-teamed Davey while Johnny distracted the ref. Morgan sent Davey’s head into Victory’s boot and tagged Victory in.

Victory peppered Rich with punches and sent him into the corner. Victory charged in and Davey got a boot up. Victory tagged Morgan in while Davey rushed across the ring and tagged Johnny.

Johnny fought both Maulers off before Davey returned to his feet. The Riches whipped both Maulers into each other and Davey put a sleeper on Victory. Morgan pulled off his boot and hit Davey with it. Victory fell on top and got the win.

We came back from commercial to see the Wild Bunch facing the Fantastics. Bobby Fulton was down and Billy Black slipped in and started hammering away on him. Black whipped Bobby and he caught Black with a boot which prompted Joel Deaton to slip in. Deaton fought to get a Boston Crab and finally succeeded. Bobby reversed the move and Deaton got a kick in to Jackie.

Bobby was thrown out and Black followed before ramming Bobby’s head into a chair. Black choked Bobby with the chair and threw him back into the ring.

Deaton whipped Bobby and missed an elbow. Bobby rushed to his corner and tagged in Jackie. Jackie dropkicked Black out and hit a bridging suplex on Deaton for a two count. Black caught Jackie with a knee and Deaton planted him with a DDT.

Black climbed the turnbuckles and hit a moonsault. Bobby broke up the pin and both of them went after Bobby before pitching him out of the ring. Bobby pulled Deaton out under the ropes and Jackie rolled up Black for the win.

From there we went to the Koloffs vs. Danny Davis and Joey Maggs. When we joined the match, Ivan had firm control of Maggs and sent him into Vladimir’s boot. Ivan tagged out and both Koloffs hit a back elbow before Vladimir dropped an elbow for two.

Vladimir clubbed Maggs and followed with a knee lift. Vladimir raked Maggs’s eyes across the ropes and hit a clothesline for a two.

Ivan tagged in and kicked Maggs before hitting an elbow shot to his neck. Vladimir tagged in and punched Maggs while Ivan held him. Maggs whipped Vladimir and nailed an enziguiri before crawling to his corner and tagging Davis.

Davis dropkicked Ivan out of the ring and punched away on Vladimir. Ivan caught Davis with a knee to the back and Vladimir followed him into the corner to inflict more punishment. Maggs came in and we had a four man brawl as Caudle noticed the Fantastics at ringside.

Vladimir crashed into the turnbuckle and Davis covered for the win.

We came back from commercial as we moved on to Jim Cornette debuting his mystery team. Cornette made his way to the ring as the Batten Twins waited in the ring. Cornette talked about his past managerial exploits as he introduced the greatest tag team in the universe – the Heavenly Bodies.

Tom Prichard and Stan Lane made their way to the ring as Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” played.

We jumped ahead to see the Battens make a tag and double-hiptoss and dropkick Lane. Prichard came in and got the same.

Lane climbed into the ring after a quick regroup and we jumped ahead again. The Bodies double-teamed one of the Battens and Lane hit a clothesline. Lane posed a moment and brought Prichard in. The Bodies hit a double snap mare and both started choking their opponent.

Prichard left the ring as Lane picked up the Batten and slammed him face-first into the mat. The Batten flipped over Lane and had a pinning combination as Prichard came in.

Prichard worked over the Batten in the corner and fell victim to a clothesline. The Battens made the switch and the Batten hit dropkicks on both Bodies before cracking their heads together. The Batten hit a cross-body that Lane broke up. The other Batten came in and Prichard and Lane hit a double suplex for the win.

Mantell and Caudle took a moment to review the results and Mantell said he was sure the Bodies would win the whole thing before we took another break.

We came back to hear more word about the upcoming Volunteer Slam. We took a look at the brackets for the upcoming heavyweight tournament.

Robert Gibson would battle Jimmy Golden and the winner would battle the winner of Tim Horner vs. Paul Orndorff. The lower brackets would see Buddy Landel battle Brian Lee to face the winner of Dixie Dynomite and the Dirty White Boy.

Mantell’s picks for the first round were Jimmy Golden, Paul Orndorff, Buddy Landel, and the Dirty White Boy.

We then heard a statement from Bob Armstrong. Armstrong talked about drug abuse and said that SMW was against steroids (unlike other promoters). Armstrong said that what mattered was that a guy could wrestle – not what he looked like. Armstrong urged viewers not to use drugs and we headed to commercial.

We came back from break to see the Bodies battling Davis and Maggs. We joined the match with Prichard and Davis in the ring. The two locked up and Prichard backed Davis into the corner where he started chopping away. Davis hit a head scissors on Prichard and got a quick pin attempt before dropkicking Lane out of the ring and backdropping Prichard. Prichard went to the wrong corner and Maggs got in a shot.

We skipped ahead and saw Lane and Maggs. Lane pulled Maggs down by the hair. The two locked up and Lane pulled Maggs down again. Maggs punched away and began chasing Lane around the ring. Both men reentered the ring and Maggs hip tossed Lane. Maggs whipped Lane and he hit a neck breaker on Maggs.

Prichard tagged in and slammed Maggs down before dropping a knee on Maggs. Lane tagged in and punched Maggs while Prichard held him. Davis came in and got cut off by the ref as Lane choked Maggs over the top rope. Lane snapped Maggs’s neck over the top rope and Davis came in, giving another chance for the Bodies to double team.

Prichard hit a suplex and tagged Lane. The Bodies hit a double sidekick and Lane pulled Maggs up. Lane punched Maggs in the corner and caught Maggs with a boot when Maggs reversed another whip. Lane hit a clothesline to the back of Maggs’s head and put him down. Lane picked Maggs up and started cranking his neck with a chinlock. Davis came in to help and the Bodies started choking him.

Lane left the ring and Prichard sent Maggs into Lane’s boot. Another tag and the Bodies hit a double back elbow. Lane and Maggs traded punches and Maggs sent Lane back-first into the corner. Maggs tagged out behind the ref’s back and Davis started cleaning house. Davis cracked the Bodies’ heads together as the ref ordered Davis out of the ring. Prichard hit a DDT and covered Maggs for the win.

We then went to an interview with the Bodies and Cornette. Cornette promised that the Bodies could handle the Maulers. Lane put over the Bodies’ looks and said they didn’t care who they faced. Prichard called the Bodies the greatest tag team ever and agreed that they didn’t care who their opponents were.

Mantell called the Maulers as the winners and we headed to the main event. The Maulers were already in the ring. They were soon joined by the Fantastics.

The Maulers attacked the Fantastics as soon as they entered the ring. The Fantastics dropkicked both Maulers out of the ring.

Bobby started the match against Jack Victory. The two locked up and Victory started punching Bobby. Bobby was whipped and got a head scissors to put Victory down.

Morgan came in and Bobby pulled him to his corner to tag Jackie. Morgan shoulder blocked Jackie down and followed up with a slam. Morgan missed an elbow drop and Jackie hit a sunset flip for a 1.

Jackie worked Morgan’s arm and Bobby tagged in. Bobby hit a knee lift and took Morgan over. Morgan escaped and kicked Bobby.

Victory tagged in and set Bobby into the corner. Jackie stopped his brother and Bobby gained the advantage before monkey flipping Victory out of the corner. The Maulers were both in and down and the Fantastics started working their legs.

Bobby caught Victory with a punch and hip tossed him. Jackie tagged in and hit a dropkick. Victory returned to the ring and got taken down by Jackie. Bobby tagged in and locked up with Victory. Victory missed a clothesline and Bobby caught Morgan only for Victory to hit him. Morgan grabbed Bobby’s leg, then pulled him out of the ring and dropped him onto the safety rail.

Morgan sent Bobby back in and popped Victory. Victory hammered Bobby and when the ref intervened Morgan choked Bobby in the ropes.

Morgan sent Bobby into the corner and caught him with a clothesline. Morgan covered and got a two. Jackie came in and the Maulers doubleteamed Bobby. Victory covered and got a two count. Bobby went to a sleeper hold. Bobby hit a jawjacker and Morgan came in. Morgan stomped Bobby and went back to the sleeper.

Bobby fought back and Victory tagged in. Victory stomped Bobby and slammed him down. Victory hit a body slam and missed an elbow drop.

Morgan came in and stomped Bobby. Bobby kicked Morgan to escape a backdrop and brought in Jackie. Jackie dropkicked both Maulers and fought both men off. Bobby hit a back elbow on Morgan and Victory pitched him.

Bobby ducked a clothesline and Morgan nailed his partner. Jackie climbed the ropes and hit a cross body to win the match and advance to the finals of the tournament.

We came back from commercial for Caudle to have a word with the Fantastics. Jackie said that they were another step closer to the belts and gave the fans credit for their support. Bobby said that they might not be pretty, but they could wrestle just as well as the Bodies. Bobby also said that no matter what Cornette might try, they’d leave as the tag team champions.

Caudle reminded the fans of the Volunteer Slam and said goodbye for another week.

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