10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for May 10, 2010 featuring Randy Orton, Edge, Mysteries and a New GM

This week’s rundown includes Randy Orton, a mystery partner, Meatloaf, John Cena and The Miz. These are thoughts as they came to me while watching Raw.

Also, be sure to check out my blog at itswilltime.word press.com. I will be breaking down some more thoughts on The Miz vs Bret Hart.

1. So Meatloaf is still making music, who would have thought?

2. Is Randy Orton going to become the celebrity killer the same way that he became the Legend Killer?

3. Ted Dibiase hiring other wrestlers to beat up R-Truth will be entertaining. Perhaps he can pay off Jerry Lawler to do it next week. Those t-shirts aren’t cheap.

4. I would have paid to see the Batista must hop on one foot match. The “I Quit” match works for me, and it’s fitting that what will likely be his last match in the company is against the man with a parallel career to his.

5. Mark Henry with the save! Well, they are finally getting some sort of payoff for turning him face almost a year ago. Does anyone remember Henry injuring Batista in 2005? What are the odds of that happening again tonight?

6. The Miz vs Bret Hart situation sounds interesting. I can’t help but say that I’m looking forward to it. I know McMahon vs Hart underperformed at Wrestlemania, but Bret will do something cool for Canada next week.

7. Lots of NXT ads tonight. They must be trying to recoup some of the ratings they lost, especially since it’s at an all time low in the ratings.

8. I never thought I would see eight men get the jobber, straight out of commercial lack of entrance, but alas, the NXT rookies did.

9. Remember what I said last week about John Morrison not being in a bad spot on Raw? I lied. Captaining team Raw jobber is not a good place to be.

10. Holy crap! Regal just threw down a mad-phat rap. People like to say he deserves a World Championship, but I believe he just achieved the moment of his WWE career. Any wondering if John Cena wrote that for him?

So I am aware that this is 10 Thoughts, but I can’t help including some extras. This may happen weekly, or it may not. There’s a lot to think about on tonight’s Raw apparently.

11. The Over the Limit match rundown made me wish the WWE would put on a pay per view in 3D. Am I the only one who thought about that?

12. Very interesting way to get the R-Truth and Ted Dibiase program over with the fans. It can be nothing but good for those two wrestlers, even if Dibiase does get beat again.

13. So Vickie resigns? Does this mean that we’ll have different guest hosts and different GMs every week?

As I said, more on The Miz vs Bret Hart will be on my blog. Please, either here or there, let me know what your thoughts are!

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