Courtney Love Fuse Interview Highlights, Talks Jessica Simpson, Sex


Fuse sits down with Hole’s lead vocalist, Courtney Love in “Hole: On The Record with Fuse.” Premiering on Tuesday, May 11th at 8pm ET, Fuse host Toure’ goes one-on-one with Love for a candid interview discussing everything from her band, their highly anticipated new album, Nobody’s Daughter, her life with Kurt, being sober and much more.

On being celibate while recording her latest album, Nobody’s Daughter:

“I actually ran into this woman in Vegas who was standing there the night that I walked away from this guy and said to her, ‘You know what?…I’m not f****** anyone until this record’s over.’ I did a Morrissey and I became, by choice, celibate for almost five years, which was bananas. It wasn’t as bananas as not being celibate though. That has its problems too…”

On why she’s so good in bed:

“Because I was never pretty. Pretty girls just lie there, us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a lot harder. That’s why pretty girls never threaten me – it’s like, yeah you want to take me on? Take me on. Go for it.”

On Hole’s success:

“If you don’t really, really, really want it, you’re not going to get it…I’m not in a competition with some chicks…There aren’t any. I’m the last bitch standing…”

On Jessica Simpson and being good in bed:

“I’m sure Jessica Simpson loved that sexual napalm comment…in fact I know she did, because I asked her if she did…So we decided, since I’m the greatest f*** in the world and she’s sexual napalm, that we should get together and make sexual nuke.”

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