Josh Koscheck Refuses To Fight Georges St. Pierre In Montreal


Josh Koscheck has never worried about being the most popular fighter in the world. He proved that point once again on Saturday night with his post-fight outburst denouncing the Montreal Canadiens in front of their home crowd.

Although the newest coach on The Ultimate Fighter 12 isn’t much of a hockey fan, he knew exactly what to say to get the crowd united in their feelings against him.

“I knew that if they booed me, that I was going to get even with them,” Koscheck said. “I didn’t know that the Penguins did beat the – what is it, the Habs? – tonight. That didn’t go over too well.”

Koscheck seems to relish the role of the villain, but he won’t play that role against St. Pierre, at least not in the welterweight champion’s home town.

“Negative,” Koscheck said when asked about the chance of fighting St. Pierre in Montreal. “We’re going to Pittsburgh for that one.”

Koscheck (15-4) won a unanimous decision Saturday night over Paul Daley to secure a coaching slot on TUF 12, as well as the next title shot against St. Pierre. Koscheck was already taking heat from the crowd for what appeared to be an acting job on a missed knee thrown by Daley in the first round. He immediately covered up his left eye but replayed showed that no such blow landed, although he was convinced otherwise after the match.

“I just kind of got kneed in the eye,” Koscheck said. “I don’t know if it was a knee or punch, to be honest with you. I was on my knees and just got hit. I just tried to get a couple seconds to get my bearings and go back in.”

Filming for The Ultimate Fighter 12 will begin shooting in a few weeks in Las Vegas and will air on Spike TV beginning in September.