WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 5/10 Featuring John Cena vs. Batista Stipulation, Bret Hart, Flava Flav, Edge and Randy Orton, JeriMiz

Here’s what to expect:

What will the unpredictable Flava Flav do with a live mic? Will WWE even give him one?

Chris Jericho and the Miz have their sights set on the Unified Tag Titles. How will the Hart Dynasty fire back after last week’s attack? Will Bret Hart be involved?

Edge declared why he wanted to hurt Randy Orton last week, to which he received an RKO. Will Orton explain why he turned down Edge’s offer of a Rated-RKO reunion this week?

Will Ted Dibiase find anyone to be his new “Virgil?”

John Cena gets to announce his stipulation for the match with Batista. What will it be? Spoilers here.

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