WWE’s Jim Ross Talks UFC 113, Kimbo Slice to Wrestling

Here’s what JR had to say about UFC 113:

On Kimbo Slice: Kimbo…thanks for coming. Kimbo Slice apparently got ‘cut’ from UFC after his performance against Matt Mitrione in a less than stimulating battle of heavyweights. I do like Matt Mitrione’s athleticism and if he can continue to improve he might become relevant in the UFC heavyweight picture which is presently crowded and competitive. Perhaps 2012 could be targeted for Mitrione’s coming out party if all continues to go well. He’s a big athletic guy with a solid football background so he’s got a chance if he commits to his new craft. Kimbo won’t totally disappear as he has too much name identity for someone to not attempt to take advantage of either in MMA or pro wrestling. Boxing ‘might’ be an option but not a viable one unless one’s name is Mayweather or Pacquiao.

On Josh Koscheck: Josh Koscheck is a lightning rod-like villain and is the perfect adversary for the squeaky clean hero, Georges St. Pierre. The Ultimate Fighter TV show got very interesting for next season when the controversial and outspoken Koscheck beat Paul Daley without too much strain or pain by out wrestling the striker from the UK. Daley lost his cool which has apparently got him ‘suspended for life’ from UFC but I have a difficult time thinking that decision won’t be revisited at some point.

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