Kurt Russell to star in Supernatural Noir Thriller

When we last saw Kurt Russell he was dead set on proving that his vehicle was 100-percent death proof. That was three years ago. He clearly doesn’t need the money, as he’s only made nine films in the past decade, but when you’ve played bad-ass characters like Snake Plissken and Jack Burton, not to mention real-life figures Wyatt Earp and Elvis Pressly, you can do pretty much do whatever the hell you want.

Now the actor looks to headlining Undying, a supernatural thriller for Media 8 Entertainment, a company that has produced such films as The Upside of Anger, Running Scared and Monster.

Written by Book of Eli scribe Gary Whitta, this neo-noir tells the story of private investigator Virgil Lone (Russell), who gets pulled into a surreal underworld when he is hired by the mysterious Delia. Production is scheduled to begin in the fall.

In talking with THR, Media 8 president Stewart Hall is quoted saying that “Russell is perfect for this role. He is truly one of the few actors who audiences continually embrace as a real hero.”

Sound off: It’s about time we got another movie with Kurt Russell again. I’m a sucker for a good private eye yarn, but the mix of supernatural elements will surely make Russell feel like he’s too old for this shit. Are you guys ready to see Russell take on the hell that he said was coming with him when he threatened the cowboys in Tombstone?

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