One Year in Knoxville – May 9, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell. Caudle told us that today we’d see Rock n Roll Robert Gibson, the Dirty White Boy, Danny Davis would battle Buddy Landel, and they’d talk more about the upcoming Volunteer Slam. Dutch Mantell was doing his part by showing off the SMW heavyweight and tag team titles.

We headed to the ring, where Bad Boy Barry Horowitz was waiting. His opponent, Robert Gibson, soon made his way down the aisle.

The two locked up and Horowitz kept shoving Gibson back. The two kept jockeying for position as the backed each other into the ropes. Gibson finally hit a couple of arm drags on Horowitz and Horowitz hit a couple of shots of his own before staggering Gibson with a kick. Meanwhile Jimmy Golden, Gibson’s first round opponent at the Volunteer Slam, made his way to commentary.

Horowitz hit a jawjacker and followed with a head butt. Horowitz covered and got a two count as Golden claimed that Gibson and Ricky Morton had only been successful through luck. Horow8itz whipped Gibson and he rolled Horowitz up for a two count.

Horowitz slapped Gibson and hit a gut wrench suplex. Horowitz snapped Gibson’s neck and pulled him up for a backslide that earned a two.

Gibson kicked Horowitz to try and turn the tide but a thumb to the eye evened things up. Horowitz raked Gibson’s eyes on the ropes and sent him into the turnbuckle. Horowitz rolled Gibson up for another two and went to a sleeper.

A clothesline put Gibson down and got another two. Another try by Horowitz got another. Horowitz backed Gibson into the corner and dodged a boot, then took it on a charge. Gibson put him down with a clothesline and followed with a clothesline of his own that earned a two. Gibson then hit a bulldog and got the win.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle joined by Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette blasted the concept that the Fantastics were great guys. He pointed out that he’d hated Bobby Fulton for over a decade and pointed out that they were from Ohio – not the City of the Angels. He called the Fultons’ dad a bum and that brought the Fantastics out.

Bobby Fulton challenged the Bodies to a match right then. Cornette responded by insulting the Fultons’ mother.

Fulton challenged them again and Cornette agreed to the match for the titles. Bob Armstrong said that he’d allow them to fight but this was not a sanctioned match.

Bobby started against Tom Prichard. Bobby gained an early advantage and hammered punches onto Prichard. Jackie came in and dropkicked both Bodies as Caudle confirmed that this match was for the belts.

The two locked up and Prichard got a hammerlock before Jackie took Prichard down into a leg lock. Stan Lane tagged in and all four men were in the ring. Bobby and Prichard left and Jackie shoved Lane down. Lane said that Jackie had pulled his hair and they locked up again. Lane and Jackie traded arm wringers and finally Jackie dropped a leg on Lane’s arm.

Another lockup saw Lane get a headlock and tag Prichard in. Jackie got an arm drag and brought Bobby in. Bobby hit a knee lift and got a one count. Bobby charged Prichard in the corner and fired punches. Bobby whipped Prichard and charged again only to eat a boot.

Prichard sent Bobby into Lane’s boot and tagged Lane in. The Bodies got a quick double-team as the ref ordered Jackie out of the ring. Lane got a clothesline and hit a side kick before tagging Prichard. Prichard missed an elbow drop and the two cracked heads.

Lane tagged in and cut Bobby off. Lane got a shot on Jackie and pitched Bobby over the top rope. Cornette got a shot with his tennis racquet and Prichard sent Fulton head-first into the post.

Bobby brawled with Prichard before returning to the ring. Lane picked him up and hit a kick before slamming him down to the mat.

We came back from commercial to find Prichard hitting a suplex on Bobby. Prichard dropped a knee and covered for a two count. Prichard hit a snap mare and locked his elbows onto Bobby’s head. Bobby hit a jawjacker to escape and Lane tagged in.

Lane popped Bobby and telegraphed a back drop. Prichard ran over to keep Bobby from tagging out and hit an atomic drop, then followed with a clothesline for a two count. Prichard locked in a front face lock and tagged Lane in.

Lane charged into the corner after Bobby and missed, giving Jackie the opportunity to tag in. Jackie fought off both Bodies with body slams and dropkicks. Jackie cracked the Bodies’ heads together and hit a back elbow for a two count. Jackie hit a pump handle slam for a two and came off the ropes.

Jackie got a sleeper on Lane, which prompted Cornette to hit the ring. He nailed Jackie with the racquet and Lane covered for the win.

Bobby punched Cornette after he presented the belts to the Bodies and the fight was on. The Bodies got the better of the Fantastics and Cornette trapped Bobby’s leg in the ropes, the nailed it with the racquet. Lane had Jackie in a figure four while Prichard dropped elbows on his knee. The Bodies cleared out as Robert Gibson, Dixie Dynomite, and Brian Lee hit the ring to make the save.

We came back to find Caudle with Doug Furnas. Furnas said that Jackie’s leg didn’t look good. Caudle introduced Furnas and welcomed him to the company. Furnas expressed his pleasure at getting to come to Smoky Mountain and he looked forward to wrestling there. Caudle brought up how Furnas had been wrestling in Japan and Mexico before wishing him luck in SMW.

We headed to the ring where Golden Boy Joe Cazana was waiting as Furnas climbed through the ropes. The two locked up and Furnas quickly took Cazana down, sending Cazana into the ropes. Another lockup saw Furnas suplex Cazana down.

Cazana regained his feet and punched Furnas with no effect. Cazana tried again and didn’t move Furnas. Finally Furnas caught Cazana coming off the ropes and slammed him down. Furnas then caught Cazana in a bear hug. Cazana raked Furnas’s eyes to escape and did – only for Furnas to try again. Cazana escaped again and Furnas put him down with a dropkick.

Furnas followed up with a head scissors and rolled Cazana up for the win.

Caudle was then joined by Armstrong and Hector Guerrero. Caudle expressed his pleasure to see Hector without the neck brace. Hector supported Armstrong’s ban on the piledriver and asked for a shot against Orndorff. Armstrong mentioned that Jackie’s knee was damaged and promised that he would never lift the ban on the piledriver.

Paul Orndorff then joined the fun. Orndorff told Hector that if he couldn’t take a piledriver he shouldn’t be in the company. Hector demanded a match and Armstrong promised a match as soon as the doctor released him. That brought Tim Horner out to challenge Orndorff, and Orndorff promised he’d handle Horner at the Volunteer Slam.

After commercial, Caudle talked about an upcoming match – the Mountain Mayhem Battle Royal. The 18 participants would be drawn randomly. Every two minutes someone else would enter. A wrestler would be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope, and the winner would receive five thousand dollars. That match would take place on TV in two weeks.

Ben Jordan was waiting in the ring as the Dirty White Boy made his way down the aisle. Caudle noted Ron Wright’s absence and said that the DWB had ordered him to get some rest before the Volunteer Slam.

The two locked up and DWB took quick control. He hip tossed Jordan down and clubbed his way out of another lockup. Jordan hit an arm drag and hit a couple of dropkicks. The two locked up again and Jordan got a headlock. Jordan hit a back elbow and then got caught coming in as the DWB hit a tilt-a-whirl slam. DWB followed up with a slam and a leg drop. DWB covered for a two count.

DWB hit a head butt and then a clothesline. He dropped a knee and pulled Jordan up for a suplex. He dropped a knee and choked Jordan a moment. He pulled Jordan across the ring and choked him on the ropes before throwing a punch. Jordan tried to fight back but a thumb to the eye stopped that.

DWB chopped him in the corner and put him down with a clothesline, then followed with a fist drop for another two. DWB slammed Jordan and got a one count. He hit knee lifts to keep Jordan down, then an atomic drop. DWB hit a punch and slammed Jordan again. He missed a knee drop and Jordan missed a flying body press. DWB hit the Bucksnort Blaster and got the win.

At commentary, Caudle was joined by Dixie Dynomite. Dixie talked about the tournament and promised that DWB and Wright would pay for their actions.

We came back from commercial to hear Caudle saying that Jackie Fulton was being taken to the hospital. He then moved on to cover the heavyweight title tournament brackets again. Robert Gibson would face Jimmy Golden, and the winner would face the winner of Paul Orndorff/ Tim Horner. Buddy Landel would face Brian Lee, and Dixie Dynomite or the Dirty White Boy would battle the winner of that match.

Brian Lee promised Landel that he’d be ready for him in a taped interview.

We returned to live action to see Buddy Landel on his way to the ring to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.” “TNT” then began playing to bring out Danny Davis.

The two locked up and Landel started trading arm wringers with Davis. Another lockup saw Landel get a hammerlock that Davis reversed. Landel started working Davis’s arm again and pulled Davis down by the hair. Landel repeated the maneuver when Davis regained his feet. Davis backed Landel into the corner and forced the break.

Landel strutted down the ring and caught Davis coming in with a knee. Landel punched Davis and started choking him with his knee. Landel popped Davis again and kicked him in the gut. Davis hit a back elbow and Landel hit a thumb to the eye. Landel went for a headlock and Davis reversed into a hammerlock as he hit knee drops on Landel.

Davis got a two count and caught Landel’s leg. Davis kicked Landel’s thigh, trying to cramp up Landel’s leg. Landel hit another thumb to the eye and climbed to the second turnbuckle. Davis caught Landel coming in and followed up with a dropkick. Landel hit an elbow to Davis’s head and the two started trading punches.

Davis rolled up Landel for a two. Landel reversed and grabbed a handful of Davis’s tights for the win.

Landel headed to commentary for a word with Caudle. Dutch gave Landel a thumbs up as Landel promised to take Lee apart at the Volunteer Slam. Landel then said that he didn’t care who he faced, Paul Orndorff (who wasn’t around, right?) or anyone else. Landel said that Orndorff knew better than to come out and closed by telling Lee that he’d better think twice about their upcoming match.

We came back from commercial to hear Armstrong announce that the Heavenly Bodies were the tag team champions. Bobby Fulton came in and promised that they’d be after the Bodies as soon as Jackie healed.

Caudle closed by promising a preview of the road to the Volunteer Slam on next week’s show and said goodbye for another week.

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