Parenthood – Episode 1-11

During last night’s Parenthood, I was really hoping that Camille would take some advice from Carrie Underwood and take a Louisville slugger to both headlights and slash Zeek’s tires on all four sides. Alas, there was no property damage but a hell of a lot of emotional damage on Parenthood last night.

A lot was fit into last night’s episode of Parenthood, as there was a lot to deal with after last week’s episode. Zeek was staying with Adam and his family after Camille kicked him out, Camille confessed to Sarah that Zeek had cheated on her, Amber flirted with Haddie’s ex-boyfriend, and Crosby considered settling down with Jasmine and Jabbar. All that further developed this week, but there were a few more humorous moments this week than last.

Camille told Sarah that she wanted to turn the attic into an art studio, which meant the four Braverman kids would have to go through all their worldly childhood possessions and determine what didn’t deserve to be burned. Crosby didn’t take it well, saying “The whole point of having parents is to keep your crap in their attic.” He really wanted his childhood piano, but there was no way for him to fit it on his houseboat. There was only one solution, Jasmine pointed out – “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” We got to see more of the report between Crosby and Jasmine this week, and it was really cute. She taught him how to do laundry and they made dinner together with Jabbar. They make an adorable family, though I think before they’re officially together we’ll probably see them hit a few more bumps.

To accommodate the piano, and his growing family, Crosby looked into buying an actual home. He awkwardly tried to explain his situation to the real estate agent by saying “I recently acquired a son,” but it was clear he was hesitant. I hope he just wanted Jasmine to see the home before he purchased it, and that he’s not questioning the move to grow up.

Sarah spilled the beans to Adam about Zeek’s affair this week, which was totally understandable. She needed someone to share it with. I didn’t think Adam should have told his wife, though. Not while Zeek was staying in their house, it would make things too awkward. Having Zeek in the house was uncomfortable enough already, and he was a terrible house guest. He hated the noise of Max’s crickets, the hazelnut coffee that Kristina made and the fact that Haddie’s virginity was “hanging on by a thread”. He just doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.

He also had no patience for his own grandson. Obviously, Max would be very difficult to live with, but the lack of understanding Zeek showed makes him so difficult to like. At the end of the episode, when Zeek acknowledged that Adam was a far better father than he’d ever been, Zeek redeemed himself a little. But not much. Adam also gained a little empathy for his father when he realized that he doesn’t know what it’s like to be married for 46 years. Still, I can’t like Zeek.

Camille was dealing with her troubled marriage in her own way, but I don’t think she ended up any happier. She went to an art opening with her whole art class, but was flirting with her art teacher the whole time. The look on Camille’s face when Sarah suggested she tag along to the art show was hilarious. Watching Sarah see her still married mother flirt with another man was both sad and funny. The scene really showed what makes Lauren Graham such a great actress. Camille ditched Sarah to go to another art opening with the teacher. Another great scene was when Camille came home late that night. She didn’t have to say what had happened, but Sarah knew. Once Camille had to think about what happened, she looked as though she regretted it.

More awkwardness came when Julia enlisted the help of an ex-boyfriend, Timm, to deal with Zeek’s bad property investment. Joel wasn’t thrilled about Julia meeting up with “Timmm”, and rightly so – he was a jerk. Not only was he a jerk, but he wanted to bundle Zeek’s bad property with a bunch of good ones, and Joel wasn’t OK with that. You have to give Joel credit for wanting to find an ethical way out of the mess. Julia shot down Joel’s idea that he could check out the property himself and try to fix it up – he was a contractor. I felt bad for both of them – Julia didn’t want her and Joel to lose any money on Zeek’s property, she’s a control freak and she didn’t want to take any risks. After all, she didn’t know about the infidelity and thought solving Zeek’s financial problems would bring them back together. But Joel was offering a more ethical way of addressing the situation, and he didn’t want Julia involved with someone slimy like Timmmm.

The most awkward part of the episode, though, was the confrontation between Amber and Haddie. It’s amazing that after sleeping with Haddie’s formerly-a-virgin ex-boyfriend I could still be rooting for Amber, but I was. Amber felt so terrible about what happened, and she was clearly heartbroken when she confessed what had happened to Haddie. Of course, Haddie would be upset, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for Amber.

The scene at the end where Joel, Adam, Crosby and Drew were trying to get the piano out of the Braverman family home was hilarious. Even though, realistically, most families don’t spend that much time together, I still love when all the Bravermans are together.