Spoilers for the Fate of The Dark Avengers/Norman Osborn in Dark Avengers #16, the Finale by Brian Michael Bendis

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Norman Osborn is getting his own floor on the raft, Marvel’s main prison for the superpowered, where he is facing down his own personal demon, the Green Goblin.

Ares is dead, ripped in half by the Sentry during Siege.

Daken kills some soldiers and escapes on his own. He can be followed in Wolverine: Origins and Dark Wolverine.

Victoria Hand is put to work in an unspecified role by Steve Rogers – likely as a government liaison to an Avengers team.

Sentry’s fate is revealed in Siege #4 and the Sentry one shot; this will get it’s own spoiler post.

The rest of the Dark Avengers are captured and put on the raft, but Moonstone will be a member of the new Thunderbolts lead by Luke Cage.

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