The Daily Review: Marvel's Seige #4 by Brian Michael Bendis

Asgard has fallen and Void is ascendant. The heroes have united to take him down.

Summary: Loki wanted mischief, not the fall of Asgard, so he uses the Norn Stones to power up the heroes, so they can have a chance against the Void. Void figures it out and kills Loki. This angers Thor greatly and he takes the fight to Void, when Tony Stark shoots a hellicarrier at void like a bullet. This turns Void into Robert Reynolds again, where he begs to be killed. He is, at first, turned down, but as he nearly becomes Void again, Thor kills him and throws him into the sun. With Void dead, Steve Rogers gives the shield to Bucky again, going to the White House to become the new Nick Fury, leading directly to the repealing of the Superhuman Registration Act. The heroes have a party at Avengers Tower where Tony Stark, Thor and Steve Rogers all give speeches.

Thoughts: This was one hell of a blowoff issue. With more than half being given to the Void fight, that wasn’t a letdown, nor was Loki’s momentary redemption. It’s a shame we didn’t get him on the Mighty Avengers by Slott, at least for a bit. Multiple gods are dead (Ares, Loki) and picking up the pieces begins. Rogers in charge is awesome and makes a world of sense at this point. This is a wrap up truly deserving of the title The Heroic Age.

Rating: 9/10 – No one has been more critical of Bendis crossovers than I. I hated everything from Dissembled to House of M to Secret Invasion, but this, this knocks it out of the park. The perfect culmination of years of stories.

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