Dancing With The Stars Episode 10-8 Results Show Review

Tonight we find out who goes home as the competition heats up in the eighth week of the season. Len reviews the performances.  Evan’s waltz had some fantastic parts but other parts weren’t so fantastic. His Cha Cha Cha didn’t have enough dance in it. Erin’s Rumba was jerky. Niecy and Chad are the “pretenders” right now. Chad’s tango brought out his bad posture. Niecy is the true underdog. Nicole’s foxtrot was mesmerizing and her Paso was “genius”.

The encore performance is Derek and Nicole’s fifties themed Paso Doble.  Len says it may have been the best dance ever in the show’s history.  I notice this show is a big fan of superlatives.  I think a lot of the awesomeness of their performance has to do with the amazing song that they danced to, which the show’s band did a great job with. Everything came together for them in a cool way so I can easily agree with Len on this.

The Gypsy Kings perform a rendition of “You Got A Friend In Me” that’s featured in the upcoming Toy Story 3. The pro dancers are Dmitri Chaplin, Tony Dovolani, Kym Johnson, and Cheryl Burke.

Dance Center is back with Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice. They review Niecy, Chad, and Nicole. My favorite crack was when they said Niecy might be the only person to gain weight during the competition.

We get the first results in and we find out that Nicole and Derek are going on to the semi-finals. Chad and Chelsie are in the bottom two.  Now we have a dance competition between the UCSD Tritons versus the Purdue Boilermakers. Each team will be judged and scored based on half the judge tally and half audience votes.

The Tritons perform first with a Samba. Len enjoyed their pattern changes. There were some problems with lines, but it was good. Bruno says the overall effect was good. Carrie Ann compared them to Evan where they a lost a little something because it was so clean.

The Boilermakers perform a Mambo. Bruno applauded the hip shaking but pointed out problems with timing.  Carrie Ann thinks they’re great performers and have great movements but they need more pattern changes. Len thought it was rhythmic and crisp. They get a 8,7,7 from the judges for a total of 22.

The Gyspy Kings return to perform their hit “Bambaleo.” The one thing that’s great about the music performers on this show is that they always seem to include one of their biggest and familiar hits. Dance Center is back again for their second part where they analyze Evan and Erin. More results where we find out Evan and Anna are safe.

We find out after a commercial that Maks and Erin are safe. So it’s down to Niecy and Chad and Niecy is going home. So Chad will probably go home next week unless the football fans have their way. Tom tells Niecy to dance her last dance with Louis. She seems happy and tells the band to play something more upbeat. I don’t think they were prepared for that though.