MLB News: Kansas City Royals Fire Manager Trey Hillman

The Royals are off to another disappointing start, and this time the manager is put on the chopping block.

Hillman had managed the Royals to a 152-207 record in 3 seasons as manager. The Royals were 12-23 at the time of the move.

The Colorado Rockies fired their manager early last season and used that as turning point in a season where they won the NL West, granted the Rockies are a slightly more talented team that the Royals.

While Hillman was the one who took the brunt of the losing, you can’t blame him for not having a better record, the Royals just haven’t been able to field a competitive team in years.

Ned Yost who had been working in the front office for the Royals will take over as manager for the rest of the season.

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