Red's Eugene's Weekly Top 5: Sports Movies

Since Jeff is on a hiatus, I thought I’d throw a Top 5 out there…

My Top 5 Sports Movies
1. The Wrestler (2008) – As a child of ’80s wrestling, I loved this movie. I knew there were the parellels to Jake the Snake, so I could see him in the role. Mickey Rourke was great and was robbed of an Oscar; Marisa Tomei was good as the love interest. I was popping every time a real Wrestler popped on the screen.

2. Field of Dreams (1989) – No one can do a baseball movie like Kevin Costner. Field of Dreams is the movie that all baseball fans should see; the book by W.P. Kinsella should be a must read. The movie transcends baseball and focuses on the dreams associated with it; getting another shot to play, getting that one at bat, or having a catch with your dad.

3. Legend of Bagger Vance(2000) – While this may not be one of the best movies ever, it does hold a place in my heart – my dad taught be about the game of golf and it was the strongest bond we had. I considered taking him to it for Father’s Day when it was in theaters, but he really didn’t like to watch movies (crazy, right?). Well, he passed away shortly after and it’s one of the biggest regrets in regards to my dad; he would have loved it. I love the historical aspect of the movie, plus the message to golfers. It’s acutally become a staple for me on nights before I play in tournaments and keeps me from getting upset about bad shots.

4. Remember The Titans(2000) – I get teary eyed at the end of this movie. It’s another one that transcends sports to show you the greater picture – just because people look different doesn’t mean they are. Being a person born after this period, it’s always surprising to me that people acted that way to different races (even more surprising that it still happens). Denzel Washington is on his game here (as always), but it’s the players that steal the show.

5. Bull Durham (1988) – This is a nice view of life in the minors. It’s funny and shows a side of baseball that you don’t get to see often. Another strong Costner performance and one of the first times I liked Tim Robbins in a movie. The comedy is top notch.

Honorable mentions to Hoosiers, The Natural, Raging Bull, Major League, and Rudy.

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