Spoiler Warnings! One of Spidey's friends goes Villian in Ultimate Spider-Man #10 by Brian Michael Bendis

A few months ago it was revealed that the hooded character that has been doing vigilante work in New York opposite of Spidey (I’ve been calling her the Crimson Cowl), was in actuality, Kitty Pryde. In the newest issue it was revealed to Spider-Man and his Amazing Roommates that this was the way things were.

It was also revealed that Ultimate Kitty is much more in line with the Vision in her powers, in that while she can go intangible, she can also increase her density to hit things harder.

Apparently the end of the X-Men coupled with her own increasingly illegal status, as well as this issues opening with federal agents showing up to arrest her for simply being a mutant in a public school was enough to break her.

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