10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 05.15.2010: Christian, Beth Phoenix & More

1. Why did WWE give away a PPV match for free on Smackdown this week? Silly wrestling company. You’ll end up like WCW if you keep doing this.

2. Christian looks awesome in his tights. More wrestlers really need to start wearing tights instead of the sea of trunks we see before us every week.

3. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian was a breath taking match this week. The mix between classic grappling, high flying action and endless pin attempts surely makes it a contender for match of the year.

4. OI KOFI! That pendulum kick is Christians move! – The bloody cheek of some people *tut.*

5. Woop, Drew is back on Smackdown with the Intercontinental belt around his sexy hips.

6. MVP and JTG – a combined weight of 470 lbs, surely 469 lbs of the combined weight belongs to MVP?

7. WOW, Jack Swagger is a national scrabble champion. That award amazes me the most out of all the other ones he had – even the yummy sandwich. I’m such a board game geek – it was Big Show with the ballroom dancing trophy in the wrestling ring.

8. Last week I was thinking of giving up on watching wrestling when Drew was fired but then he came back this week and everything was okay again. BUT NOW! My Beth, the wonderful, amazing, beautiful Beth Phoenix lost the Woman’s Championship and will be out for six months due to a torn ACL, there is actually no reason for me to watch wrestling any more at all! – I will though, but I will be upset ALL the time :-(.

9. Oh Teddy Long, surely Drew’s biggest match was when he went against The Undertaker? Not his match against Big Show next week. Check your facts.

10. BEARD WATCH: Gosh, Punks hairy chum has all of a sudden got very pointy. He might stab somebody’s eye out with it if his not careful.

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