10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 5/13/10

Well, TNA are officially back on Thursday nights. Can’t say I’m disappointed. Mostly because through the Monday night shows, Impact still aired on Saturday nights here. So now there is less time in between it airing live in America, and airing here. Also apologies for missing last weeks Impact, lots of sickness in my household.

Okay, now into the fun.

10. If they can pull it off, this “TNA listens to fans” idea has some potential. Even though everyone is probably pretty aware that they will be swinging the votes to work with the direction the writers want. Least they’re trying something new.

9. Kind of enjoyed Hardy making a bit of a comment about not knowing when to ever show up. I’m sure there are fans out there who have had very similar thoughts about the product.

8. Tara seems to be so over with the crowd no matter what she does, or who she does it to. Unfortunate that every single fan knew the outcome of Sacrifice before it happened though.

7. Slightly confused about where the X Division is going at this stage. They seem to be scrambling for anything and everything to keep the belt on TV.

6. It was actually rather pleasant to be able to listen to Jay Lethal talk without the over the top / rip off accent that he normally speaks with.

5. Love seeing Samoa Joe, but it’d be nice to see him for more than a few minutes. Though the muscle buster on Matt Morgan was rather entertaining.

4. Really not too sure why on earth TNA have decided that giving The Band the tag titles is a good idea.

3. Well, I hate to be the one to hate on the drama, but it was only a small tiny amount obvious that Chelsea was going to be accusing Abyss of everything and anything going. Though I was holding onto a tiny amount of hope that we might just get an interesting curveball.

2. Seeing the Knockouts get two shots on one show was great, even if they were only short matches. Really hoping we get to see more of the Knockouts again as time passes. It’s the one thing they seem to have over WWE, talented female wrestlers.

1. Jeff Hardy is impressive, sure. But did we need to see the Swanton from a variety of different angles and about a million times over? It loses the excitement factor if they overuse the footage.

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