The Real Housewives of New York City – Episode 3-6

Ramona needs a permanent supply of alcohol, 24/7. That’s the only way she becomes a person worth being around and someone I can watch without wanting to strangle.

What happened during that conversation? A nice walk along the Brooklyn Bridge turned into the ugliest fight on RHONYC – and that’s saying something. I can’t remember ever hearing something so mean-spirited. Maybe Ramona was in some sort of mood. Or Bethenny did something to make her mad off camera. I don’t know, but there has to be some sort of excuse for that moment. And I can’t fathom how Bethenny was able to hold it together and go through the day with Ramona afterwards.

I felt so sorry for Bethenny. The death of a family member is traumatic, no matter what type of relationship it is. It was strange to watch such a deep conversation between Bethenny and Alex, immediately followed by the silly shopping for models. I hated hearing that he wouldn’t see her, but I’m glad she made the effort.

If I thought Jill was cruel last week, then I don’t know what I can say about her now. Alex told her about Bethenny’s father, she brushed it off. Ramona tried to get the friends to reconcile, she called it an ambush. Bethenny tried to talk, she walked out. Didn’t Jill try and do the same thing with Bethenny and Kelly last year? I don’t know why she was so bothered by the setup. But she refused to engage as poor, quiet, sad Bethenny handed over a card for Bobby and tried to mend their friendship.

The only person who could come across as worse than Jill was LuAnn. “You’re here to talk to Jill, you don’t want to talk to me?” was the first thing she said to Bethenny. She effectively ended the conversation between the former friends because she thought it was going on too long. To long for you, Countess? “She didn’t even say hello to me!” snapped the Countess about Bethenny. “And this one – !” she points at Ramona, putting the blame on her for doing something nice.

She should learn that the fight actually has nothing to do with her. I feel like Jill would have been a lot better off if LuAnn hadn’t been waiting in the corner, thriving off of the confrontation.

Random Thoughts:

  • “Ramonacoaster” – perfect way to describe that woman. She went from disgusting behavior to sweet and sincere moments in this episode alone.
  • Everyone has seemed to anti-Bethenny lately, and it was only a few episode ago that Alex called Bethenny someone she wouldn’t be close with. It was nice to see them have a moment tonight.
  • Am I the only one who caught Ramona’s jab about Kelly’s but? I DIIIIIIED.
  • I may detest LuAnn now, but this thrift store charity seems like a fun way to give back.