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Well another week has come and gone and we have some good stuff from the forums.  As of late we have, of course, the Avengers tournament.  We are in the midst of voting for the semi finals I believe.  You can see how the voting is going down here:

and here

Surprisingly enough my team made it to the 2nd round.  Now thanks to our very own Aaron I came up with an idea to try to stir up some discussions on everyone’s favorite underused or under rated heroes or villians.  After the normal shenanigans we usually get on the forums we have something from Wolverine0712. He writes:

They may not be an under rated hero/villian at this point, but most of the de-powered mutants are now under rated. You had millions of former mutants and they all just disappeared like they never existed. You’ve had Jubilee pop up here and there, and you have Rictor in X-Factor, but what happened to the rest.

As far as people still fighting/causing crime, I think Iceman is majorly under rated. He’s an original X-Man, but he’s seldom used. He’s plays off well with the more serious members of the team.

If Cable wasn’t such a major part of Second Coming, I’d say him. His most recent series was awesome, especially since he had a purpose again.


Plus for me I got schooled on the awesomeness of an obscure Spidey villian names Spot which can be summed up by AFN’s post:

He has one of the best powers of a Spidey villain (portals), but was job every time he showed up, until MODOK’s 11, and his Amazing appearances afterward, where he went from a scrub jobber, to a silent brutal mother fucker.

Since the start of this Board beads and I have been going on about a team up with Doc Ock. They would be damn near unstoppable. SPOT has the perfect support power. Plus he is almost impossible to hit since he can make a portal that swallows an arm.


I also have to add a post from a newcomer named LonesomeCowboy who writes:

The Creeper as both hero and or villain. Bator is a damned demon and where is he? At freakin’ Noonans slinging “Moisture?” (reference DCs Hit Man series)
Welcome aboard man and I hope you stick around.  Of course I have left a ton out because one of the purposes of this column is to get more people to read and post in the forums so check out the full discussion here:
As for my thoughts on under rated heroes or villians I have to go with the Valiant Universe.  Yes I know that Dr. Solar and Magnus Robot Fighter are being brought back by Darrkhorse.  I got the free comic book day issue preview and I liked what I saw from Dr. Solar but not so much Magnus.  I just love most of the characters that were in this universe and I don’t think they always get the praise that they deserve.  They had some original ideas and some cool looking characters.  Barry Windsor Smith doing covers and interiors didn’t hurt either.  Rai and Bloodshot were exploring the use of nanites way before Tony Stark started using them.  Archer and Armstrong had a perfect mix of humor and action.  Shadowman was a great mix of street level hero ixed very heavily with the occult.  Plus I will stand by my opinion that Master Darque was not only visually awesome but a great way of showing what DR. Strange could have been if he was evil.  Now I could go on about why I would love to see a full on Valiant come back and I know I left out alot of the titles but this column is about the forums.  I want to say one last thing…the X-O armor was way cooler and way more powerful than anything Stark has ever come up with.  Now that should get some responses!
Okay so last thing.  I linked a thread last week about a discussion about Father issues in comics and that thread picked up a little (I would to think it was because of the column but somehow I doubt it).  I think AFN summed it up best when he posted this:
Also, I am betting a ton of the writers had father issues. I would not be shocked if a lot of the guys who were writing these heroes back in the day had fathers who went to war and worked in factories. Then the son says they want to write for a living, comic books no less… And I bet the dads were not the nicest to them about it. It wasn’t exactly a “manly pursuit”.
You can read the entire thread here:
Well I think that does it for me this week.  As always you can check out all the talk backs we have about what we read and what we liked or disliked about those comics.  I hope to see all of you in the forums.

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