Flicka 2 – DVD Review

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a boy and his dog. Films like Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller have taught us that the bond that forms between a boy and his dog is unbreakable and like no other. That is unless it’s a girl and her horse. This theme hasn’t been explored quite as frequently, but from a very young age, even the most city-slicker of girls will dream of owning her own horse. Released in 2006, Flicka gave a different spin on the old “My Friend Flicka” novels from the early 1940s, and changed the lead character’s gender from a boy to a girl. Flicka 2 is a sequel only in name and in tone, but explores even further this unforgettable bond between a girl and her horse.

Carrie McLaughlin is an independent teenager, expertly skateboarding her way through Philadelphia as a delivery girl early on. Her mother was killed in a car crash and she has to support herself and her ailing grandmother. After her grandmother is deemed unable to care for Carrie, she is forced to move to Montana and live with her father Hank, whom she hasn’t seen since her mother left him. Carrie hates the situation, but finds solace and companionship in Flicka, a wild mustang being held at Hank’s ranch. She believes that she and Flicka have a common spirit. Flicka cannot be tamed, but immediately takes to Carrie.

Flicka 2 doesn’t keep any of the same characters as the 2006 Flicka film starring Alison Lohman (Drag Me to Hell) and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), except for Flicka. Which begs the question, why even call it Flicka 2? Why couldn’t it be some other horse? If the horse had another name, critics would scold it for being a Flicka knock-off, but since it’s a direct-to-DVD sequel, critics will scold it for being just that. I think the prior would have been better. Even still, Flicka 2 is a very innocent, very kid friendly flick that you can watch with every member of your family. There is absolutely nothing questionable, which I appreciate, but the content of the film is so basic that even with the cool factor of Patrick Warburton, adults will most likely become bored.

Before seeing Flicka 2, I didn’t know anything about the books or previous movies other than they were about a horse. After seeing the powerful relationship between Carrie and Flicka, I can’t imagine the story being about a boy and his horse. The original book’s main character was Ned McLaughlin, Carrie’s last name is a nod to the source material. As millions of women will attest, it is always a dream, no matter how far-fetched, to own your own horse. Flicka 2 allows us to re-live that dream.

The film’s video transfer was nice, no major complaints. But it was the audio that was distracting. I kept having to turn my volume up just to hear the dialogue.

A Conversation With Clint Black – The country superstar talks about his experiences while filming. (3:53)

Running Wild: The North American Mustang – This featurette gives a little history about the mustang, but mostly focuses on training the horses on set. (4:38)

The Making of Flicka 2 – Shows a lot of behind the scenes of the cast learning how to ride horses. Apparently the only cast members who already knew were Warburton and Black. (5:34)

Horsin Around – Outtakes (2:37)

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If you have a daughter, chances are she’s into horses whether secretively or not. This is an ideal film for a teen girl’s slumber party. Innocent films like Flicka 2 are always nice to have on hand when you’re a parent, but it isn’t really satisfying for adults.

20th Century Fox presents Flicka 2. Directed by: Michael Damian. Starring: Tammin Sursok, Patrick Warburton, Clint Black. Written by: Connie Dolphin. Running time: 96 minutes. Rating: PG. Released on DVD: May 4, 2010. Available at Amazon.com.