Trailers: Joe Pesci Lives, Drew Barrymore and the MAC Guy, and More CGI Animated Kid Stuff

For all of those people who thought Joe Pesci was dead because he hadn’t been around movies for awhile, well this Apple trailer for Love Ranch proves he’s very much alive. In this Taylor Hackford film, Pesci and Helen Mirren run a brothel in Nevada. Pesci is in rare form and his quote “There’s no business like ho-business,” is sure to live in infamy. The real story is seeing newcomer Sergio Peris-Mencheta romance the Queen of England while the queen’s husband (Hackford) directs.

So the woman who directed the Breakfast Club inspired documentary American Teen (Nanette Burstein) has hooked up with romantic comedy starlet of her generation – if we’re going by number of suitors, of course – Drew Barrymore. The trailer for her first narrative film Going the Distance has surfaced and we can get a glimpse of Barrymore and Justin Long’s romance and see if it can withstand the long distance apart. The humor is there, but I can’t get past the odd pairing of Barrymore and Long. She is only three years older than him, but it just doesn’t feel right.

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Those who saw Shrek Forever After over the weekend probably saw the trailer for new DreamWorks Animation release Megamind. This super hero/super villain movie with Brad Pitt and Will Ferrel as the voices makes me crave for The Incredibles 2. Also, the creators of the Ice Age trilogy (even though a fourth one is in development) are back with Rio, about a bird learning to fly. It takes place in Brazil and yet the vocal cast includes Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and George Lopez – all without Brazilian accents.

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