Daniel Bryan Danielson Comments on Issues With Michael Cole on WWE NXT

Daniel Bryan had the following to say according to a WWE.com article:

“I think my actions were unprofessional and I’d do them all over again. You can only be pushed so much before you get to that breaking point, you know, and at some point you need to stand up for yourself. And if an announcer feels like he has free reign to bury you at every opportunity, you have to make him accountable for what he says.”

“He’s going to sit there and say that I have no ‘it’ factor, I have no charisma and stuff like that, but he’ll sit there and put over David Otunga and he can’t even run the ropes right. They have people who are telling them what to say and he’s just pushing the WWE agenda, so I’m going to call him out on it. And if he’s burying me in the WWE Universe, I’m going to call him out on it.”

“I’m sure if you look at everyone who comes here – the guys they push to the top – the John Cenas, the Batistas, the Randy Ortons – they’ve never done a minute on the independent scene. They’re all guys who are made here in WWE. If you look at the older generations – the Chris Jerichos, the William Regals, the guys like that – those guys were all made outside of here and then came in and when they came in they were ready to be top guys.”

“Well they can try and hold me down as much as they want. If they give me one segment, if they give me one segment like they did tonight, I will be the star of the show.”

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