Former WWE Superstar says Company Should Offer Mental Health Help?

From Kizarny:

“I have had countless conversations with wrestlers that have been released from WWE and some of the thoughts they shared were chilling. What they had contemplated was horrific. I will admit to having had a disturbing thought or two or three since my release from WWE. I truly love wrestling and have ever since I was a boy just like every other wrestler. I believe wrestling to be an impossible art for anyone who doesn’t truly love it. Other wrestlers sometimes pull rank and torture their own as a means to share their pain and experience in loving something that has eaten away at them over the years. I believe that sorrow would be of better use if heard by the ears of a professional psychiatrist instead of taking it out on themselves or on loved ones.

Going through so many drastic highs and lows is hell on the brain and far outweigh the permanent physical injuries the wrestlers endure.”


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