FYI: If You Buy a Marvel Comic, Chances Are You're Paying More For Less

The following bit of information comes from an April 22 post from Bill Reed, contributor for COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD!, entitled SOLICIT STATISTICS FOR JULY 2010:

Number of $3.99 issues: 22
Percentage of DC’s periodicals: 24.2%

Number of $3.99 issues: 70
Percentage of Marvel’s periodicals: 68%

Dark Horse
Number of $3.99 issues: 0
Percentage of Dark Horse’s periodicals: 0%

Number of $3.99 issues: 32
Percentage of IDW’s periodicals: 91.4%

Number of $3.99 issues: 7
Percentage of Image’s periodicals: 27%

“Above numbers do not include collections, variants,  or ‘magazines’. Only single issues, almost all of which are 48 pages or less. A 64-pager may have slipped in there somewhere…

“…the majority of DC’s $3.99 singles are at least 40 pages. Marvel includes 40-48pp singles in the mix, but many $3.99 titles are merely 32pp. Dark Horse, meanwhile, is finding a happy middle ground at $3.50 for all but its most popular titles, which remain at $2.99. Only three IDW singles aren’t $3.99, and those are a $2 Parker prelude, a $7.99 Doctor Who annual, and a $9.99 Sam Keith sketchbook.”

So while you’re absorbing the news that you are in fact paying MORE for your Marvel comics for less content on average, I’d like everyone reading this to remember: even if you download comics solely to determine which ones you actually want to spend your hard-earned money on at the comic book store each week, torrenting is piracy. It’s wrong, it’s against the law and it’s grossly unfair to those who work so hard to provide that content. 

What? I’ve got something in my eye! Why would you think I was winking?

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