10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 05/20/2010 Feat. Samoa Joe, Orlando Jordan, Ink Inc

So, another week of TNA. Not their strongest episode, but not their worst either….

10. So, the top 10 lineup was nothing too unexpected, but the actual order they went with seemed a little odd. There were a couple of names in there who I would have expected to see closer to #1. Samoa Joe is a prime example of this.

9. Great to see Roxxi back, hopefully she’ll stick around this time. And here’s hoping that she gets a singles title shot eventually, or goes back to teaming with Taylor Wilde and TNA remember that they actually have Knockouts tag team titles.

8. Typical TNA, got to just over 45mins in, and we’d only had one match. Not a good thing.

7. Seeing Orlando Jordan come down from the rafters gave just a moment of worry. But I’m assuming most people had that same thought. I know the impact zone isn’t a mad crazy high building, but it’s still concerning.

6. Sometimes characters are developed well, and they make sense. Orlando Jordan is really not heading in that direction. Feels like each week things are getting more and more muddled.

5. It’s actually quite amusing to see Ink Inc together. I think it’s because they look so similar. Though, it’s easy to see how they could be identifiable as a tag team because of that.

4. Wrestling, a world where women are seen as property to be given and taken. Never been a fan of anything that has that sort of storyline going.

3. Out of the three “Band” members, sending Eric Young out to wrestle is most definitely the smartest move they could make. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in hoping that we don’t really have to see Scott Hall wrestle anytime soon.

2. Wish they’d given more time to the X Division battle royal, it really didn’t have enough time to get going. Felt like it was over just as it had begun.

1. Would have much preferred a clean pin finish for the Sting / Hardy match. Anderson coming in didn’t seem to serve a purpose. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see where they’re actually planning on taking this one. Because at the moment it all really seems pretty confusing.

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