Anatomy of a Keeper League: The Draft Part 2

Round 6
We start to snake here, so I’m up for the 8th pick. I had a few other options here, but went with Asdrubal Cabrera for his versatility; I originally considered him in the 3rd or 4th round, but held off.

1. Team 25A – Clay Buchholz, SP, Red Sox
2. Team VSB – Joe Blanton, SP, Athletics
3. Team OWS – Jorge Posada, C, Yankees
4. Bizkits – Jon Garland, SP, Padres
5. Team H – Michael Cuddyer, OF, Twins
6. Team B – Randy Wolf, SP, Brewers
7. Team SC – Luke Gregerson, RP, Padres
8. Short Bus All Stars – Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B, Indians
9. Team HC – Garrett Jones, 1B, Pirates
10. Team C – Jonathan Sanchez, SP, Giants

So, only 2 players I was considering and they both went much earlier than I was projecting: Gregerson and Sanchez. Garland had just signed with the Padres, so that was part of the reason he went here; had he signed with, say, the Diamondbacks, he probably would have went a few rounds later.

Round 7
Another middle reliever for me and I’m hoping for a bounce back here: Joel Zumaya. He can throw as hard as anyone and I think he’s finally healthy.

1. Bizkits – Pat Neshek, RP, Twins
2. Team HC – Jason Frasor, RP, Blue Jays
3. Short Bus All Stars – Joel Zumaya, RP, Tigers
4. Team SC – Chipper Jones, 3B, Braves
5. Team B – Chase Headley, 3B, Padres
6. Team H – Jeff Niemann, SP, Rays
7. Bizkits – Orlando Hudson, 2B, Twins
8. Team OWS – Ted Lilly, SP, Cubs
9. Team VSB – Rickie Weeks, 2B, Brewers
10. Team 25A – David Ortiz, DH, Red Sox

I would have liked Neshek, but was cautious since he was coming off TJ surgery; plus I wanted Chad to have both of this homer picks here. I also had Chase Headley on my list; I think he’s going to have a good year back in his natural position. I want to point out I was staying away from Ortiz like the plague; I don’t think he’ll ever get back to his previous production and I don’t like clogging up my roster with guys that can’t field and actual positon.

Round 8
This was the first round I lost a guy that I really wanted. I stuck with Troy Glaus here, since he’ll be at a less demanding position; plus the Braves normally can find guys that can have semi-productive years.

1. Team 25A – Adrian Beltre, 3B, Red Sox
2. Team VSB – Shawn Marcum, SP, Blue Jays
3. Team OWS – Alex Gordon, 3B, Royals
4. Bizkits – Brad Bergeson, SP, Orioles
5. Team H – Adam LaRoche, 1B, Diamondbacks
6. Team B – C.J. Wilson, SP, Rangers
7. Team SC – Vladimir Guerrero, DH, Rangers
8. Short Bus All Stars – Troy Glaus, 1B, Braves
9. Team HC – Ryan Madson, RP, Phillies
10. Team C – Rafael Betancourt, RP, Rockies

Guerrero was the one that got away. I probably could have taken him in round 7 and still gotten Zumaya. I also like LaRoche in Arizona, but that has been a disaster so far. I was also thinking Madson at some point, but wasn’t crushed to see him go.

Round 9
I decided to pull the trigger on Jaime Garcia here; he wasn’t getting consideration from the Cardinals for the rotation at this time, so the others from St. Louis wouldn’t have considered him yet. It did cost me a shortstop I was considering, but has been worth it so far.

1. Team C – Mike Napoli, C, Angels
2. Team HC – Hong-Chih Kuo, RP, Dodgers
3. Short Bus All Stars – Jaime Garcia, SP, Cardinals
4. Team SC – Ervin Santana, SP, Angels
5. Team B – Franklin Gutierrez, OF, Mariners
6. Team H – Chris Young, SP, Padres
7. Bizkits – Everth Cabrera, SS, Padres
8. Team OWS – Matt Lindstrom, RP, Astros
9. Team VSB – Brandon Lyon, RP, Astros
10. Team 25A – Aaron Harang, SP, Reds

Everth Cabrera should have a solid season and I was considering him in a few rounds. I was also considering his teammate Chris Young; if he could ever stay healthy, he’s could be a solid pitcher. Notice that the 2 closing candidates from Houston were picked back to back; they both lost value since they were with the bad Astros.

Round 10
I thought this would be the best place to take the other Chris Young; especially since I only really have 3 more picks left (the others were promotions). I usually take some sleeper guys with my last few picks.

1. Team 25A – Julio Borbon, OF, Rangers
2. Team VSB – Maicer Izturis, SS, Angels
3. Team OWS – Justin Masterson, SP, Indians
4. Bizkits – Scott Downs, RP, Blue Jays
5. Team H – Chris Coughlin, OF, Marlins
6. Team B – Joey Devine, RP, Athletics
7. Team SC – Juan Gutierrez, RP, Diamondbacks
8. Short Bus All Stars – Chris Young, OF, Diamondbacks
9. Team HC – Delmon Young, OF, Twins
10. Team C – Miguel Tejada, 3B, Orioles

Borbon was appealing, but I like Young better. I considered Masterson as well, since he’ll be pitching in Cleveland; run support might be tough though. Tejada was appealing, but I didn’t know how much he had left.

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