Spoiler Warnings: The end of War of the Supermen by James Robinson and Sterling Gates

Zod, Ursa, Non, and countless other Kryptonians found themselves sealed in the Phantom Zone with the projector destroyed. Superman went in as their jailed, but Chris Kent, Nightwing, released him and decided to do the job himself.

Krypto was almost killed by a kryptonite blade thrown by Zod.

General Lane committed suicide rather then be tried for war crimes.

The Guardian has retired, moving out of Metropolis along with the young female clone he is raising as a daughter, and the niece of the man he was cloned from, Billie Harper. Billie, Mon-El’s girlfriend during his time in the present, is pregnant.

The media has labeled Lane as the hero who was prepared for the inevitable Kryptonian attack, but Lois plans to do whatever she can to reveal the truth.

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