The Daily Review: Brightest Day Green Lantern #54 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

How is this title faring after Blackest Night?

Summary: Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and Sinestro try and pick up the white lantern, but are told to go find the embodiments of the different lantern corps. They start with Atrocius who has stopped a subway mugging, then eaten the muggers with his cat. Atrocius now has a spark of love in his heart, apparently for Mera, as he creates a construct of her. A mysterious entity relieves Sodam Yat of the Ion entity, turning the Daxamite Sun red, relieving them of their powers, and sending him crashing into the planet. On the last page, Lobo shows up and attacks Hal.

Thoughts: I didn’t like Blackest Night, but this is quite good. Sinestro remains one of the best villains in comics, while Hal is pretty much always rushing in over his head. Carol is annoying, but works as a foil to the other two, while the Yat return is definitely interesting since he’s destined to be “the Greatest Green Lantern.” Lobo is always welcome and the identity of the entity hunter seems to match the size of a Guardian, or could be Black Hand, makes for a great mystery. You need a lot of backstory for this to work, but with that, this book is back on track.

Rating: 7/10 – Sure it requires backstory, but Green Lantern gets right back into big action and great moments immediately after Blackest Night.

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