REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #48 by Tony Bedard

Green Lantern Corps #48

Written by Tony Bedard

Art by Ardian Syaf

As Peter Tomasi took his leave last month, so must Tony Bedard begin what will most likely be a phenomenal run this month. And I mean, it’s sad to see the Classy One go, but alas, he’s got his hands full with Brightest Day and Emerald Knights, and at the same time, Tony Bedard! Bedard has been handling REBELS as of late, with the occasional fill in on…well, anything. Including the most recent issue of Gotham City Sirens. He also wrote Birds of Prey and Exiles and both were pretty sweet. He’s a talented writer that I’m excited to have on my Lantern’s.

So how was it? Well, it’s a new chapter in a familiar story, and Bedard does his best to set up a status quo from the get go. Now it’s going to be an adjustment, as this book has been, for forty-seven issues, Guy and Kyle as the main characters with Kilowag, Soranik, Vath, Isamot, and all the rest in supporting roles. But the thing is, with the exception of Kyle and Sora, everyone is gone. Tomasi is going to be writing them all in Emerald Knights. But that works out kinda well since Green Lantern let John Stewart out of his exclusivity to come and join the regular cast here. Him and Green Lantern Ganthet.

John’s presence on Oa is made sense out of, and Ganthet’s new status quo as a Green Lantern is put into motion. Post-Blackest Night clean up is in effect, and something is definitely up with the Alpha Lantern’s! We also get yet another look at the Guy/Ganthet/Atrocitus conversation, I think this is the third time we’ve seen it across various books, and I figure we’ll see it three more times before we get any real answers out of it. Not that it’s a bad thing, I just felt teased that the book opened up with Guy and he’s not in the book!

Ardian Syaf is definitely right for the job artistically, and while he’s not Pat Gleason, that isn’t a bad thing. His style compliments the characters well, and while with the nature of the first issue there isn’t a huge amount of variety, it’s most definitely a good first showing. I like his Ganthet, as well as his Kyle, and his rendition of the Alpha Lantern’s is more then a little bit creepy…which is good.

Not the most blow you away first issue to a run, but definitely solid, and definitely a must read for GL fans.


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