Spoiler Warnings: Fan favorites return in Green Lantern #54 by Geoff Johns

Cool stuff came about this issue, let’s cover it!

Hal, Carol, and Sinestro are now on a mission to find all of the various entities (Ion, Parallax, etc), but they aren’t the only ones! The mysterious cloaked figure that has Parallax went to Daxam and took Ion out of Sodam Yat, turning the sun back to red (killing lots of Daxamites), and restoring Sodam to his old Green Lantern state.

Atrocitus also showed up with his blue kitty of AWESOME and they killed some subway robbers. Atrocitus is also looking for the entities, and during a fight with Hal and the gang revealed he maintains feelings for Mera.

Oh, and then the fight is broken up by the main man himself….LOBO!

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