Rock Band Weekly: Spoon, P.O.D.

Here are the tracks that will be available next week in the Rock Band music store:

Single Tracks:
·P.O.D. – “Alive”

Spoon Track Pack 01:
·Spoon – “Trouble Comes Running”
·Spoon – “Don’t You Evah”
·Spoon – “I Turn My Camera On”
·Spoon – “Got Nuffin”

All tracks will be on PS3, Wii & XB360 on Tuesday May 25. Songs marked ‘(Lego)’ will also be available in the Lego Rock Band store (which are none this week).

All tracks are $2 a piece (160 XBL points, 200 Nintendo points, & $1.99 on PSN store). The Spoon Track Pack 01 will be available for $7 (560 XBL points, 700 Nintendo points, & $6.99 on PSN store).