Six Million Dollar Man inspired sitcom coming to TV…


Following on the DVD news reported earlier this week at Comics Nexus, according to CinemaSpy the Bionic concept may be coming back to TV with a twist:

Past, but as it turns out, perhaps not forgotten. According to Television Business International, Syfy is developing Me & Lee, the Six Million Dollar Man-inspired buddy comedy that was originally a pilot for the FOX network in 2007.

For those who may not have heard of this abandoned project, Scream star Jamie Kennedy was to play a guy whose aches and pains are are cured when he undergoes “bionic” back surgery in the basement of Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors’ Beverly Hills mansion. According to the plot, Farrah’s ex — who was to play himself — built a secret lab down there after his series work left him fixated on bionics.

Flash forward to 2010. TBI is reporting that Syfy has apparently struck a deal with producer and distributor Lionsgate to resurrect the series that FOX passed on.

The initial project had Strangers with Candy’s Paul Dinello attached to direct and Weeds’ Jenji Kohan and Matthew Salsberg attached to write and exec produce.

No further word on who will serve as showrunners, or if Kennedy will be attached to the project.

I’m not particularly sold on this idea. I’d much rather SyFy try to resurrect a Bionic Man or Bionic Woman show in the way Battlestar Gallactica was brought back in 2004 and became a cult hit all over again. It was a contemporary reboot that took the best of the original series and added new elements for a modern more sophisticated audience.

For those of you still awaiting news on Rob Liefeld’s Bionix comic book, sorry, still no news. 😉

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