10 Thoughts on Smackdown: 05.28.2010 – Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker & CM Punk

1. That cardboard cut out of Drew McIntyre is awesome! – I want one so I can sleep with it every night.

2. I think there should have been a big tournament for who could have participated for the fatal 4 way match, as it’s kind of unfair that only 4 people had a go – what about giving the rest of the roster a fair chance? I know they are the only main eventers on Smackdown but still it’s always nice to have a surprise mid-card entrant. Cody Rhodes would have been a good choice rather than wasting him away on Superstars.

3. Drew McIntyre is one lucky son of a gun. I wish I could just ask for people at University to be suspended and then they are. *sigh*

4. Kofi looks like Christmas in his red t-shirt and green pants/kickpads.

5. Oh gosh, that chop to the chest by Drew to Kofi was (Jay) lethal!

6. Oh I was so excited to see Punks bald head – perhaps overexcited, then when he took off the Samoa Joe towel to show off his awesome straight edge society mask I thought it was the best thing ever!

7. Four out of the five people in that ring during the Punk/Kane match were bald – Charles Robinson does have enough of his long, flowing hair to share around though.

8. Now I love Rey Mysterio but his screams of pain really REALLY annoy me – he needs to quieten them down, they make my ears bleed.

9. If somebody bleeds on TNA I don’t really notice it and I’m not surprised at all but then if someone bleeds on WWE I’m like “OMG BLOOD!!” – straaanggeeee (things are happening to me.)

10. BEARD WATCH: I think The Undertaker should grow a long beard ala Dumbledore and let his hair go grey, that would look AWESOME – far better than the ginger roots his got going on.

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