10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 5/31 feat. Daniel Bryan vs The Miz, Ashton Kutcher and Vince McMahon

Welcome once again to the cavalcade of WWE Raw thoughts provided by your’s truly. Before we get to the Memorial Day edition of “the longest running weekly episodic show in TV history” I would like to remind you to check out my blog at itswilltime.wordpress.com. Right now, you can see my thoughts on the JR and WWE situation and also Daniel Bryan’s big night on Raw. While I’m in the plugging mood, you should also check out my most recent People’s Column. Of course, anything you check out in the Columns section at Pulse is sure to be an interesting read, at the very least.

But enough about the website, let’s dive into some Memorial Day awesomeness, Monday Night Raw style.

1. Hopefully I’m not the only one who was surprised by that opening. Evan Bourne and Edge gave us a fun couple of minutes in the ring, until Edge took him out. This segment got Edge a lot of much needed heat.

2. Did you hear those fans when Randy Orton struck his pose in the corner? That, my friends, is star power.

3. I really wanted Ashton Kutcher to yell “Burn!” as he made the Daniel Bryan vs Miz match. Sadly, he didn’t. On the plus side, this is a match we’ve been waiting for.

4. In the last year Chris Jericho has been beat by JTG, Rey Mysterio, Heath Slater and various others. We can add R-Truth to the list. Because of his expression, I would expect this to be part of a storyline. But seriously, come on! He’s Chris Jericho and he deserves some wins.

5. So we’re getting the return of Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday in the form of a “Viewer’s Choice” Raw. I can’t be the only one surprised that they aren’t calling it Manic Monday. Vince McMahon’s return was a little anticlimactic. Too bad it looks like he may still be feuding with Bret Hart. I hope there is not another match in there.

6. I wish The Miz vs Daniel Bryan had been given more time, but the two of them did some good work with two minutes. This program has the potential to be great going forward. I hope the the viewers choose to give Daniel Bryan a contract next week.

7. Nice promo from The Uso’s. I’m a fan of the whole not wild Samoan idea. The line about getting “your college scholarships” didn’t make a ton of sense to me though.

8. So Zach Ryder is not the guest host whipping boy. Wow, first they take the power from the hosts, then they only let them abuse lower-mid card talent. No wonder there aren’t many A-Lister’s lining up for this gig. Ashton Kutcher wasn’t bad at the job, but it would have been fun to see him live in the arena and not taped.

9. This might be the fifth time this year that John Cena has had a mystery partner on Raw. This is a great chance for Evan Bourne. I thought he had a nice showing earlier when Edge beat him down, but this is a career night for Bourne.

10. Like I said in the previous thought, it was a career night for Bourne. Aside from that, we saw John Cena take out Sheamus, but not pin him. I am still going to operate on the assumption that Cena can’t beat Sheamus, just because it makes the summer months of WWE feel more interesting.

That’s all for this week folks! Make sure to check out My Blog and the rest of the awesome columns at Pulse! I’ll be back on Thursday with another People’s Column.

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