NCAA News: USC To Hear Infractions Findings Friday

The NCAA will release the finding of an investigation into the USC football and mens basketball teams on Friday after months of investigation and hearings.

USC has already self-sanctioned themselves for misdoings in the basketball program, but are hoping to avoid sactioning for the football program as well. More-so because a saction for football would show a sort of lack-of-control across the USC Athletic Department that could lead the NCAA to deliver stiff punishment to the university.

Per NCAA rules, “An institution shall be considered a ‘repeat’ violator if the Committee on Infractions finds that a major violation has occurred within five years of the starting date of a major penalty.”

The infractions alleged against former running back Reggie Bush would have occured withing the 5-year span since USC’s last major infraction in 2001, which would force USC to give up all wins during Reggie’s playing days including a National Championship.

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