The Real Housewives of New York City – Episode 3-13


Tonight will be our final stay in the beautiful locale that gave us 1979, Johan Face, and Satchels of Gold. So sad. But there’s no point in staying, Kelly has left to take care of her girls (read: Bravo packed her up in the middle of the night and shoved her into the ocean) and the crazy went with her. The Fab Four are finally able to truly relax, at least until:

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiyuh!” Like a horn! Jill had arrived.

I don’t think Jill should have crashed the trip. She just had blowout fights with Ramona, Bethenny, and Alex, had refused to come on the full trip, surprised women that do not like surprises, and the entire thing seemed like a desperate bid for camera time. She didn’t exactly come with the most humble attitude.

It had been a very stressful trip, and this event was enough to push Alex over the edge. She began hyperventilating and turned  red. Emotional overload. Bethenny took it in stride as just another part of the vacation from hell, and Ramona looked as surprised as ever. Sweet Sonja just smiled benignly through it all.

All of that being said, I felt so sorry for Jill. That reaction was so cold, it had to hurt and was very embarrassing. All in front of Bobby! Poor guy, I adore him and it must have been a very strange thing for him to witness. But any sympathy Jill earned was dashed away just as quickly. “I always thought we were friends! Is Alex your best friend now? Who the hell is Alex to butt her nose into my business?” Um, Jill? I want you to zip it.

Back in the States, Kelly is spinning her own weirdo version of events. “Bethenny’s a hobag! She’s never cooked for anyone I know. She admitted to a smear campaign against me!!” Um, that did not happen. Jill, Jennifer Gilbert, and especially LuAnn can tell she’s lacking many brain cells and are preparing to jump off Kelly Killoren Krazytown Express. Tell me Bravo isn’t asking her back next season. It’s just too much.

At Jill’s ice skating party, the Krazy train accosts Ramona with her deluded version of events. Ramona doesn’t want to get into it, questions her sanity (for the umpteenth time), and then wisely calms the crazy and walks away. Hats off to the patience all of these women have for Kelly. It’s limitless.

The same can be said for Ramona’s handling of Jill. She eloquently communicates her feelings to Jill and has a big group hug with Jill and LuAnn. But not before Jill slams into the ice the second she gets on to the ice. LMAO!

Random Thoughts

  • Why is Ramona wearing a scrunchie? Why does she own a scrunchie??”
  • Oh, my dearest Sonja! Performing a Heimlich on a puppy? Her dress coming undone? She’s fantastic.
  • I think I’m open to this Jennifer Gilbert person, simply for the “Bitch, please” look she gave Kelly.
  • I hope Bethenny hears Jill out at their lunch, then simply gets up and walks out.