J.T. Krul to take over Teen Titans by years end

I’ve been saying it’s past due for months since he wrote Blackest Night: Titans and the Deathstroke arc, but Krul definitely had the Teen Titans in his future. Now it’s just confirmed. Not to knock on current writer, Felicia Henderson, but Krul has showed more competency in the past few months than I had expected and will make for a great fit.

“Initially, it’s about stabilizing the team — who they are, what they are doing, and identifying the role they play in the broader sense of the DCU,” Krul explained. “For me, the Teen Titans are not so much a training ground for newbie heroes, but a beacon for them and for all teenagers in a way. There are so many wrong paths to take and the Teen Titans serve as an example of those trying their best to take the right path — no matter how difficult it may prove to be.”

Source: Newsarama

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