Media Outlet Picks Up on Evan Bourne WWE Raw Push


The Baltimore Sun has posted an article on Evan Bourne’s leap atop the card on Raw Monday Night. Here’s a quick excerpt (check the link for more):

“Not only did Bourne more than hold his own in the ring with the big boys, but he scored the winning pinfall with Air Bourne (Shooting Star Press) on Sheamus. The crowd was hot for the match and popped big for the finish.

I’m guessing that Orton sits out the match at the Fatal Fourway pay-per-view on June 20 and Bourne takes his place. Before Monday’s show, Bourne would have been one of the most unlikely candidates on the roster to fill Orton’s spot.

Time will tell if this is truly a launching point for Bourne. He had what seemed like a breakout performance on Raw in 2008, but the follow-up wasn’t there and he ended up becoming a jobber to the stars.”

For coverage of Bourne’s big night, try Andy Wheeler’s review.

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